We recently published a post about how to send a group email from your Mac, so we figured we would have a similar one about sending group emails on iPhone as well. Of course, some of you may think it’s easy to send a group email on iPhone. Just fire up the Mail app, and add in every contact you want to send the email to.

That sure works, but it’s not very practical, especially if you want to send an email to a group of 20 contacts for example. We do have a better solution to offer you, and in this post, we will show you how to send a group email from iPhone.

Up until recently, it wasn’t possible to easily create group emails directly from the stock Mail application on iPhone or iPad, and we had to use workarounds to do so, and because some of you may still be using older software, we will still list both ways to create group emails.

Read on to find out how to easily and quickly mass email a group of contacts.

Prerequisites: obviously, before emailing a group from your iPhone, you have to make sure you have created contact groups. We have published two tutorials that should guide you though the process:

Creating group emails on iPhone or iPad

Assuming you are running a newer version of iOS, then these steps should work for you. If not, please scroll down to the next section to learn how to send group emails using a third party application.

1) Launch the Mail application on your iPhone and create a new email.

2) In the recipient field, start typing the name of a group you have previously created. For example, here, I am sending an email to a group called “friends.” You will see the Group option show on the screen. Tap on it to confirm.

send email to a group on iPhone

3) The recipient field will then automatically be populated with all the contacts in your group. Now you can just type in the subject and body of the email before sending it.

It’s as simple as that.

Workaround: how to send an email to a group of contacts

As always, there are tons of apps that can help you send emails to a group of contacts, but I’ve found that Connect works fairly well, especially given its price tag (yes, it is free). If for some reason you do no want to use the Connect app, we will list a few alternatives at the bottom of this post.

1) Download Connect and launch the application. When prompted to allow the app to access your contacts, agree to it.

2) In List mode, you will see your groups of contacts towards the top of the app. If you have only one group, you will obviously only see one. Tap and hold your finger on the group you want to send an email to.

send mass email to list

3) You will be given several options. Tap on the Email icon.

send group email on iPhone

4) You will now be able to select what contacts from the group will receive the email. By default, all contacts are selected. You can easily uncheck contacts so they do not receive this email. Tap OK when you’re done.

send email to group on iPhone

Note: if you have several email addresses listed for a contact, the app will ask you which one you want to use by default. You will have to tell the app once, and it will remember what default email address to use in the future for each contact, if applicable.

emailing group on iPhone

5) A new message sheet should now appear on your screen. You will notice that the “To:” field has been automatically populated with all the contacts from your group.

create group email on iPhone

6) Just type in your email as you usually do and tap Send when done.

As you can see, sending an email to a list from your iPhone is pretty simple, although it would be even simpler if you were able to do that without the need of a third party application.

Other apps you can use to send group emails

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