How to enable Dark Mode in Safari on Mac for almost any site

Enable Dark Mode Any Site Safari Mac

Dark Mode is terrific feature for reducing eye strain and helping you focus. And if you use this feature on your Mac, then it might throw you off when you land on a website that blasts bright colors because Dark Mode isn’t supported.

Luckily, you do have options to fix this. Here are a couple of apps you can use to enable Dark Mode on most any site in Safari on your Mac.

Dark Mode for Safari

Dark Mode for Safari Mac

Dark Mode for Safari is a great app for implementing Dark Mode on almost any website you land on. Once you install the app, you’ll get a handy button in your Safari toolbar that lets you adjust the settings for how you want to use it.

You can turn Dark Mode on or off, have it sync with when you use Dark Mode on your Mac, or put it on a schedule with start and end times.

Choose from four different modes including a regular Dark Mode or Softer Dark Mode. Or you can use Dark Curtain which lets you adjust the brightness or Mono Mode.

Lastly, you can use filters for the websites. You can either exclude certain sites for Dark Mode or only include specific ones. This is handy if you have websites that you don’t want to be affected by Dark Mode or those you always want to be.

Dark Mode for Safari is reasonably priced at $1.99 on the Mac App Store.

Night Eye for Safari

Night Eye for Safari Mac

If you’d rather try before you buy, you can check out Night Eye for Safari which offers a three-month free trial. This app also pops a button the toolbar for you to turn the Dark Mode off and on and adjust the settings.

You can simply turn on or off Dark Mode, put it on a schedule, set the default, or have it sync with your macOS Dark Mode setting.

Choose from Dark, Filtered, or Normal for the mode and then adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, blue light, and dim individually.

Similar to Dark Mode for Safari, you can set up a whitelist of sites with Night Eye for Safari. This is for those websites that you want to exclude from Dark Mode when it’s enabled.

Night Eye for Safari has the free three-month trial and after that, you can purchase a license or subscription.

Wrapping it up

Keep in mind that with both of these apps and similar ones, there may be a website or two out there that the Dark Mode will not work with. However, they do work with every site I’ve tried so far.

Are you going to try out one of these apps so that you can carry over Dark Mode to Safari on Mac when you need to? Let us know!

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