How to put a calendar and time zones in the Mac Menu Bar

MacBook Screen with Dato App

Having the date and time in your menu bar, can be quite useful of course, but what if you could have a bit more? Maybe you’re working on a project and need to see the week number at a glance. Or maybe you’d like to view what’s on your schedule for the day without opening the Calendar app.

You can have items like this viewable and quickly accessible right from your menu bar with an app called Dato. Here’s what Dato gives you and how to use it.

Download Dato from the Mac App Store

Dato is currently available for just $1.99 on the Mac App Store. And you’re in luck if you’re reading this right now because we’re giving away a promo code for the app to one lucky reader.

Welcome to Dato Mac

Replace the system date and time with Dato

Once you install Dato on your Mac, the rest is a breeze. Open the app and click OK on the informational screen. Dato will appear in your menu bar and look just like your system date and time. To replace that system clock, just remove it from the menu bar using one of these methods.

  • Hold the Command key and drag the system date and time out of your menu bar.
  • Open your System Preferences > Date & Time and uncheck the box for Show date and time in menu bar.
  • Click the date and time button in your menu bar, select Open Date & Time Preferences, and uncheck the box to show it in the menu bar.
No show date and time in menu bar Mac

Now if you’d like to move Dato over to the spot where you had the system date and time, it’s easy. Hold the Command key, click Dato in the menu bar, and drag it to the location where you’d like it.

What you can do with Dato

The Preferences for Dato are built right into the menu bar button. So, click it, slide down to Preferences, and then choose from the useful options. Just check or uncheck as needed.

Dato App Preferences Mac

Show in Menu: These items will display when you click Dato in your menu bar; Calendar, Calendar Events, Time Zones, and Week Number. Calendar Events and Time Zones are customizable.

  • For Calendar Events, check and uncheck the connected calendars for the ones you want to see events for or use Enable/Disable All at the bottom.
  • For Time Zones, click Add Time Zones, search for the city, and click Add. You can give the Time Zone a custom name by heading back to Preferences > Time Zones > Chosen Time Zones > Rename.
Dato Calendar Time Zones Mac

Show in Menu Bar: These items can display right in the menu bar; Date, Day of the Week, Seconds, AM/PM, and Week Number.

24-Hour Time and First Day of Week: These use your system settings in Language & Region. To change one, select it, click OK when you see the message, and then make your changes when the System Preferences window opens.

Dato App Calendar with Event Mac

Wrapping it up

Dato is a cool app that gives you a great way to do more with your menu bar without making it cluttered. See exactly what you want in the menu bar and even more with a click. Are you going to check out Dato? Let us know!

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