How to display clocks for other time zones in your Mac menu bar

View other time zones in the menu bar

If like me you’re working with people spread out across different time zones, figuring out what time it is for them in their specific location can quickly become confusing, especially when you take daylight savings times into account.

On your Mac, you can add a World Clock widget to the Today view, but I find this solution inelegant and not perfect since the time is showed as an analog clock without any indication of whether it is the morning, the afternoon, or even the same day in the time zones.

The advantage of adding another clock to the menu bar is convenience and immediacy. If the clock is in the menu bar, I can quickly glance at it without first having to launch any app or click on anything. It’s right there.

How to add more clocks to the menu bar on Mac

There are many options available in the Mac App Store to add more clocks to the menu bar. The one I’ve been using for over a year is called Menubar Clock and is only $0.99. It is pretty basic but does the job.

After downloading the app from the App Store, you can launch it and start setting it up to your liking.

Set other clocks in menu bar on Mac

First thing you probably want to do is to set up your first additional time zone. Simply click on the dropdown menu and choose from the regions and cities available. I find the lack of search feature for specific cities to be an inconvenience in this app, but unless you’ll often be changing the time zones displayed in the menu bar, this should only me a one-time annoyance.

Once you have selected your first time zone, you can edit its caption to display whatever you want. It can be the name of the city, or maybe the name of your colleague who lives in that time zone.

If you need more time zones, you can add another two to the menu bar. Just check the box next to each additional time zone, select the region/city, and add a caption, if necessary.

The time zones will be added on the fly to your menu bar, no reboot or anything else needed.

At the top of the Settings menu, you can choose to tweak the app to match your personal preferences:

  • You can choose to launch Menubar Clock at login
  • You can hide captions and days to just display the clock and keep the menu bar clean
  • You can display the time in seconds

Here are the two variants for the same time zones. The top one shows the caption and day. The bottom one just shows the time.

Time zone with day, time, and location in menu bar

Personally, I prefer the clean look of the time zone with no date and caption. I actually show only one additional time zone in my menu bar (Los Angeles time zone, which happens to be the time our WordPress install is set to), so there is no confusion to be made. However if you’re tracking several time zones, adding date and caption might be the best option.

As I mentioned above, there are many apps in the App Store that can add clocks for different time zones in your menu bar. The most notable ones are: