How to use Gallery View, Checklists and Shared Folders in Notes on iPadOS

Notes iPadOS Gallery Share Checklists

The Notes app on iPadOS is getting some new features that can help you manage your notes and lists easier, plus share your folders quickly.

Here’s how to use the Gallery View, updated Checklists, and Shared Folders in Notes on iPadOS.

Gallery View in Notes on iPad

A new view will be available for iPad users who use the Notes app. Rather than see your items in a list, you’ll be able to use the Gallery View.

1) Select a folder to view.

2) Swipe down in the sidebar where you see your list of notes within the folder.

3) Tap the Gallery View button.

You’ll then see all the notes in that folder arranged neatly in a grid.

While in the Gallery View just tap to open a note, arrange the notes by edited, created, or title, and use the slider at the top to adjust the size of the grid view.

Notes Gallery View iPad

Checklists in Notes on iPad

You’ve been able to create lists in Notes on iPad, but now you can have those you mark as complete automatically move to the bottom. If you decide you don’t like this feature, you can change it back in Settings > Notes > Sort Checked Items.

In addition, you can rearrange your list items easier than ever. Select a list item, drag it to its new location in the list, and release.

Notes Checklist Drag and Drop iPad

Shared Folders in Notes on iPad

Sharing a note is good but sharing a folder full of notes is even better. You can share a folder and select the type of access to give the recipient.

1) Open a folder and tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the top right.

2) Select Add People.

3) Before sharing, tap Share Options at the bottom of the pop-up window.

4) Pick either Can make changes or View only.

5) Tap the arrow on the top left to go back, choose your sharing option, and follow the prompts to share the folder.

Notes Share Folder iPad

Wrapping it up

These are convenient features for the Notes app on iPad that make it just that much easier to manage and share notes.

What do you think of these new features in iPadOS? Do you think they’re useful updates to the Notes app? Let us know in the comments below!