Multitasking in iPadOS gets redesigned and improved

Apple improves multitasking in iPadOS

With the unveiling of iPadOS, a new standalone operating system built specifically for Apple’s tablets, the roots of iOS are easily noticeable. However, the company made some key improvements to make several different aspects of the tablet OS better when compared to the iPhone (iOS) experience, including multitasking.

We’ll look at a quick overview of the changes Apple made to multitasking in iPadOS, most of which should make general every day use cases a lot easier and more streamlined. Especially for those who find themselves using a lot of different apps on a regular basis.

First, check out our features overview of the brand new iPadOS in the video below:

Without further delay, here are the major bullet points for the new multitasking experience with iPadOS.

Slide Over

Multiple Apps

Using multiple apps in Slide Over is possible, but the user needs to select each one individually, and moving back-and-forth between them isn’t possible in an easy fashion. That changes with iPadOS, as Apple now allows for multiple apps to be open at the same time, allowing the user to quickly swipe through each to find the one they want to use in the moment.

Full Screen, Switcher, and Closing Apps

If a user wants an app that they are using in Sliver Over to get the full screen experience, that’s easily done by simply sliding the app out of Slide Over and to the top of the screen. Or if the user would like a quick overview of all the apps they have open in Slide Over, they can do that by swiping up in Slide Over.

Finally, to close an app within Slide Over, the user simply needs to open the App Switcher and swiping up on the running app the want to quit using.

Multiple windows from the same app in iPadOS

Split View and More Windows

Split View’s more advanced features means even better multitasking — even within the same app instance. iPadOS makes it possible for the user to open multiple windows with Split View of the same app, making it possible to open two separate windows for Pages, Notes, or other apps. This can make it easier to organize Files, or even have two separate Maps open, too.

iPadOS makes it easier to launch new windows, too. Just drag the content into an open space and the software will automatically open a new window for it, including a link to open Safari, a specific location in Maps, or email addresses in Mail.

Switching apps is easy in iPadOS

App Switcher & Exposé

With the new App Switcher, iPadOS makes it easy to see not only the apps the user has running at the time, but also the separate windows for the apps as well. This is a quick and easy way to see what’s running on the iPad, but also makes jumping back into a project fast and simple, too.

App Exposé makes it easy to see all of the open windows the user has running for an app. Just tap on the app’s icon in the Dock, and iPad OS will expose all of the windows the user has for the app.

A More Capable iPad

Apple has been building to this for quite some time. While the company has seen its powerful iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for awhile, these changes –among the many others– might actually make that a reality for a lot more people. And it turns out that’s exactly what the company continues to work towards, with iPadOS meant to make the iPad lineup a far more worthy replacement option for more people.

But how do you feel about these key changes to multitasking? Looking forward to trying them out yourself?