How to adjust the volume of your alarm clock on iPhone

Alarm Set on iPhone Table

Whether you need the volume on your iPhone alarm clock to be super loud in order to actually wake you up, or really low so that you don’t wake everyone else in the house too, you can easily tweak it.

Here’s how to adjust the volume of your alarm clock on iPhone.

Change the volume of the alarm clock

The alarm clock volume setting isn’t in the Clock app as you might think.

1) Open Settings.

2) Select Sounds & Haptics.

3) Move the slider for the volume up or down under Ringer and Alerts. Remember, this will affect, as the feature is named, your iPhone ringer and other alerts.

Change Volume for Alarm Clock in Ringer and Alerts iPhone

If you want to be able to change the volume for the alarm clock with the volume buttons on the side of your phone, you can do this too. Just enable the slider for Change with Buttons in that same Ringer and Alerts section.

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Wrapping it up

It’s always helpful to know where simple settings like these are located. It would be nice, though, if the alarm clock volume was its own setting, rather than tied in with the ringer and alerts. Maybe down the road!

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