How to set any song as your alarm sound on iPhone

The Clock app offers several alarm tones to choose from, but if you are tired of being woken up to the default sounds like Night Owl and By the Seaside, you’ll be happy to learn that you can use your own music as the alarm sound. We’ll show you how to use a song from the Music app or Apple Music as your alarm sound on your iPhone.

Set your favorite song as alarm tone on iPhone

Use a song as your alarm tone on iPhone

  1. Open the Clock app and tap Alarm.
  2. Pick an existing alarm or tap the plus button to create a new one.
  3. Tap Sound.
  4. Scroll up, and you’ll see a Songs heading that lists a few of your offline music. Choose one from there or hit Pick a song.
  5. Go through your Recently Added music or pick an option like Downloaded and tap a track’s name. It will now appear under the Songs heading. From here, ensure it’s checked.
  6. Tap <Back from the top left. Now make sure the alarm time and other settings are correct. Finally, hit Save.
Set a song as alarm tone on iPhone

You have successfully set an iPhone alarm with the desired song as its tone. When the alarm rings, it will play that song.

If you’re unable to pick a song, open the Music app and make sure the song is downloaded for offline use.

Note: The selected song will only work as the alarm tone on your iPhone and not your Apple Watch.

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