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Enter to win a free 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Major iTunes movie sale: $5 classics, $10 recent hits, and more

Save up to 65% on Nomad iPhone cases, Apple Watch straps and more


Review: second-generation Apple Pencil—is it worth it?

Review: Willgoo case keeps your Apple Pencil charged and its accessories within easy reach

Review: Apple’s new Smart Folio covers for 2018 iPad Pro—slim but pricey

Apple & related news

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5 reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer, according to Apple

Apple posts new heartwarming holiday ad ‘Share Your Gifts’

Editing an entire video on iPad Pro

Does your Mac have Apple T2 security chip? Here’s how to find out!


StackXI brings iOS 12’s stacked notification system to jailbroken iOS 11 handsets

Hackers demonstrate 0-day exploit on iOS 12.1 at recent Tokyo-based Pwn2Own contest

Adjust each of your iPhone’s various volume levels independently with SmartVolumeMixer


Dockey review: a simple app to customize your Mac’s Dock

Review: Minimal Cal for iPhone brings focused, beautiful & clean calendar experience

Google Assistant now supports Siri Shortcuts

Windowed lets you upload and view Instagram posts on your Mac


How to merge separate Safari windows into one on Mac

How to quickly save over 2 GB of storage space on your new iPhone or iPad

10 cool things you can do with Automator on Mac

How to add and use time zone support for Calendar events

How to change which HomePod listens to your commands when using paired HomePods


Wallpapers of the week: city photography

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