Dockey review: a simple app to customize your Mac’s Dock

Dockey App Interface Mac Featured

The Dock is an important part of your Mac. It holds the applications you use most often so that you can open them with a click. It can also contain those you currently have open, display badge icons for app notifications, and let you move things to the Trash easily.

So, configuring the Dock to your preference is a key piece to its effectiveness.

You can make some adjustments to the Dock in your System Preferences like location of the Dock, animations for minimizing windows, and changing the size of the icons.

But, if you would like to do just a little bit more with your Dock without having to toy with Terminal, then take a look at Dockey. Dockey is an application that lets you customize your Dock quickly and here’s what it has to offer.

Dockey interface and features

You might be surprised when you first download and open Dockey. The interface is simplistic with no frills, no complicated actions, and no navigation. Let’s look at what Dockey does offer for its interface and features.

  • Position on screen: Choose from Left, Bottom, or Right.
  • Auto-Hide Dock: Select Hide or Show.
  • Animation Delay: Pick from None, Little, Default, or A Lot to hide and show the Dock.
  • Animation Speed: Choose from Instant, Fast, Default, or Slow to hide and show the Dock.
  • Preview window: See how the settings will look before you save them.
  • Buttons: Save Settings when you make changes or Reset back to the default settings.
Dockey App Interface Mac

That’s it folks! There really isn’t much to the Dockey interface or features but the most basic things you need to customize your Dock.

My Dockey wish list

There’s always room for improvement with any app and Dockey is no different. So, even though the app does exactly what it’s intended to do, and does it well, here are a couple of things on my Dockey wish list.

  • Stop popping apps open: When a change is made in Dockey and you hit the Save Settings button, all open, minimized applications pop up on the screen.
  • More features: If customizations are what you want for your Dock, it would be nice to simply see more of them. Maybe some things like different color options or animations for opening windows that go beyond the two available in the System Preferences.
System Preferences Dock Settings

Dockey is available as a free download directly from the Dockey website.

Final thoughts

To be honest, when I first downloaded and used Dockey I thought, “eh, ok”. But, for those who have been making these types of changes with Terminal commands or others who’ve simply accepted what the System Preferences have to offer, Dockey is perfect.

Give Dockey a try and then either pop back over and leave comment or catch us Twitter to let us know what you think of it.

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