Editing an entire video on iPad Pro

YouTuber Jonathan Morrison has taken it upon himself to edit an entire video on his new iPad Pro. He went in skeptical but came pleasantly surprised by the powerful combination of the unreal A12X Bionic processor and the excellent LumaFusion app.

He wrote:

Video editing on the iPad Pro? I thought it’d be a fun/stupid idea to try and edit an entire video from start to finish on the 2018 iPad Pro and honestly, it surprised me big time.

The whole edited video runs four minutes and 45 seconds long, and here it is.

This was all edited and rendered on Morrison’s iPad Pro.

With the super-fast A12X Bionic chip, Apple claims iPad Pro is faster than 92 percent of all laptops sold in the last year. According to benchmarks, the tablet also beats Apple’s MacBook Pro notebooks sans the latest 2018 flagship model.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of editing footage on an iPad Pro, including importing assets and using the LumaFusion app, check out his making-of video embedded below.

When asked about the iPad potential, Steve Jobs once said that over time customers would be able to perform heavy-duty tasks on iPad like running Office, editing video and more. It was just a matter of technology catching up. “Time takes care of a lot of these things,” he quipped.

While Apple’s marketing messaging for iPad Pro revolves around the idea of it being a viable PC replacement, the general consensus among journalists and users is that limitations in iOS are holding the new iPad Pro back from achieving its full potential.

Things may improve over time, especially if Apple expands on the types of accessories and peripherals supported by the tablet’s USB-C port, brings support for trackpads and improves the Files app so users could browse and copy files from their attached USB thumb drive or another USB-C storage device.