How to quickly save over 2 GB of storage space on your new iPhone or iPad

When you get that shiny new iPhone or iPad, you’re going to spend some time getting it just how you want it. One place you’ll likely begin is with the App Store. Whether it’s games or apps that tickle your fancy the most, you’re going to grab them. What comes with downloading the games and apps you want is enough space for them all.

So, why waste space on apps that you will never, ever use when you need it for those you want to use every day? Here’s how to quickly save over 2 GB of storage space on your new iPhone or iPad.

GarageBand Storage Space iPhone

Get rid of a storage hog or two

Apple offers some terrific apps for your device. Some you’ll use, and some you won’t. Personally, I use Pages and Numbers but have never once even opened GarageBand.

You can easily delete any of these apps if you know you’ll never use them. Here’s how much storage space each of them requires according to the App Store:

  • GarageBand: 1.7+ GB
  • Keynote: 513 MB
  • iMovie: 600 MB
  • Pages: 462 MB
  • Numbers: 512 MB
GarageBand iMove Keynote on iPhone

Remember, this is up to you. Just because Keynote needs a lot of storage space, don’t get rid of it if you might need it for work. Pick and choose or spend a little time with your new device to see what exactly you want and need.

If you’re curious about some of the other apps you’ll see on your device, these are a few that you may or may not use. They aren’t nearly the storage hogs as those above and don’t require much space, but over time it all adds up.

  • Stocks: 1.4 MB
  • Home: 4.9 MB
  • Tips: 860 KB

With the amount of money you just spent on your new iPhone or iPad, it’s worth it to make sure that you can use it exactly the way you want. Get some awesome apps that help you work, play, be social, or whatever it is that you enjoy. And, if you delete an app that you later find out you need, you can always go to the App Store and get it back.

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