How to take screenshots with iPhone X

how to take screenshots on iphone x

You probably know that you can capture literally anything shown on the display of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as an image file using the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons.

But with iPhone X, the Home button is no more so Apple has had to change how you take screenshots on that device. Here’s how you take screenshots on iPhone X.

How to take screenshots on iPhone X

1) Open the app or content you wish to capture and position everything the way you want.

2) Press and hold the Side button (the Sleep/Wake on older iPhones) on the phone’s ride side.

3) Immediately press and release the Volume Up button (replacing the Home button step from older iPhones).

The screen flashes white to indicate you’ve taken a screenshot. The screenshot will zoom into the lower-left corner of the screen and stay there for a few moments before disappearing.

TIP: Hit the thumbnail if you’d like to mark up and quickly share the screenshot with other apps and services using iOS’s multi-purpose share sheet without leaving the app you’re in.

To find your saved screenshots, go to the Photos app, tap Albums at the bottom then select the built-in Screenshots album.

And, check out how to take timed screenshots on your Mac too.

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