How to unzoom iPhone and entirely turn this feature off

Zoom is an iOS accessibility feature, which, as the name suggests, zooms or enlarges the contents on the screen, making it easier for people with weak eyesight. If you accidentally enabled this option, navigating the iPhone screen may get challenging and tapping the buttons confusing.

But worry not. Here is how to unzoom iPhone or iPad screen and return everything to normal. After that, we will also see how to turn off this feature, so it does not trouble you again in the future.
How to unzoom iPhone Screen

How to unzoom iPhone and iPad screen

Just for the record, you cannot zoom out the iPhone screen by simply double-tapping or pinching in with two fingers as you do with photos, web pages, etc.

To unzoom your iPhone or iPad screen, quickly double-tap anywhere on the screen with three fingers, and then with one finger, tap Zoom Out.

Immediately your iPhone screen will go back to normal. After this, you may follow the steps described below to turn off this feature. This will ensure you do not accidentally enable it ever again.

Double tap with Three Fingers and tap Zoom Out to turn off iPhone Screen Zoom

You can also use Accessibility Shortcut to turn off zoom if you had enabled the shortcut in the first place. It is found under Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut.

On iPhone with Face ID, triple-press the right Side button. On other iPhones, triple-press the Home button.

If only Zoom was added as the Accessibility Shortcut, triple-pressing will turn it off (and turn it on when triple-pressed again).

However, if more than one shortcut was added to Accessibility Shortcut, triple-pressing the Side or Home button will ask you to choose one of the shortcuts. Drag the zoomed screen around with three fingers. Finally, tap Zoom to disable it.

Triple Click Side Button on iPhone with Face ID to see Accessibility Shortcuts

How to turn off zoom on iPhone

Once the iPhone screen returns to normal, follow these steps to turn off the system zoom. Turning off would ensure that you do not accidentally zoom the display again by double-tapping with three fingers or triple-pressing the Side/Home button. Plus, even if after following the above steps you could not unzoom, you may use the steps below to turn it off. Just remember to drag the screen with three fingers. You can tap like you usually do with one finger.

  1. Open iPhone Settings and tap Accessibility.
  2. Tap Zoom.
  3. Turn off the switch for Zoom.
Turn off iPhone Zoom from Accessibility Settings

What to do if you cannot turn off screen zoom on your iPhone?

After you follow the above steps, you should be able to successfully unzoom iPhone screen and even turn off this feature. However, if in rare cases, double-tapping with three fingers did not work for you or you could not navigate around the screen to turn off zoom, use this method.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC using a Lightning cable. If you are on a Mac running macOS Catalina or later, open Finder. If you are on macOS Mojave or earlier or a Windows PC, open iTunes.
  2. Click on your iPhone name (in the Finder sidebar) or icon (in iTunes).
  3. From the General tab, click Configure Accessibility.
  4. Uncheck the Zoom checkbox and click Ok. Immediately, the iPhone screen will return to normal.
Turn off iPhone Zoom using Mac or PC

This is how you can get out of the zoomed iPhone or iPad screen. I hope this quick guide was helpful. iOS has multiple such accessibility features, and some of them, like Back Tap and Magnifier, are useful for all. Give them a try. Plus, if interested, you may explore more accessibility features and news here.