How to unzoom iPhone and entirely turn this feature off

How to unzoom iPhone Screen

Zoom is an iOS accessibility feature, which, as the name suggests, zooms or enlarges the contents on the screen, making it easier for people with weak eyesight. If you accidentally enabled this option, navigating the iPhone screen may get challenging and tapping the buttons confusing.

But worry not. Here is how to unzoom iPhone or iPad screen and return everything to normal. After that, we will also see how to turn off this feature, so it does not trouble you again in the future.

How to use Superzoom for your Instagram story

Instagram Story with Superzoom

Instagram offers some nifty features for creating your stories. You can use Multi-Capture to snap several photos on the spot or use PhotoBooth for four quick selfies of yourself or you and your friends. Along with these options is another feature called Superzoom.

Superzoom is pretty much what the name implies. You capture a short video that automatically zooms in to the center without you lifting a finger. This is a cool way to show objects in a landscape, faces on people, or food on a plate. Whatever your next Instagram story, see how to use Superzoom for a neat effect.

How to use zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Keynote Zoom in Toolbar on Mac

Zoom is one of those features meant to make our lives easier but is often overlooked for certain tasks. Sure, you may be used to zooming in on a photo your friend texts you, but do you think about the same action when you’re working on a document?

In Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac, you can use the handy zoom feature in the toolbar. But there are also additional options for this feature in the menu bar. The functions differ per these three applications and between Mac and iPhone or iPad.

There’s never a reason to struggle to see something in these three apps with the helpful zoom option. So here, we’ll show you how to use zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

The best work from home communication apps for remote teams

Communication apps for teams - Slack

You might be a full-time remote worker or just working from your home temporarily. Either way, you need a method to communicate with coworkers, employees, and others who work remotely like you.

There are some wonderful tools available for chatting with your team. From those that have simple chat capabilities to others with app and service integrations.

If you’re looking for the right app for your remote communications, these are some of the best ones out there.

How to always zoom in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Safari zoom iPhone dark

If you have trouble reading text on specific websites, you can adjust the font size in Safari. But this isn’t always enough. Maybe the webpage you’re visiting has images that you want to view bigger. Or perhaps the site size overall is just too small.

There’s a wonderful accessibility feature for Safari on both Mac and iOS that lets you zoom to a particular percentage on all sites you visit or only those where you need it. We’ll show you how to enable zoom in Safari in this tutorial.