How to use Zoom on Apple Watch for easier viewing

Apple Watch Zoomed In Face

Even though the screen resolution for the Apple Watch Series 4 and above has improved, that tiny screen can still be hard to read for some. Luckily, Apple offers a Zoom feature that you can use on Apple Watch. So whether you have a bit of trouble reading complications or specific apps, you can zoom right in with a tap when you need to.

Here’s how to enable and use Zoom on your Apple Watch.

How to use Safari zoom to automatically make websites larger on Mac

Safari Page Zoomed in on Mac

Have you ever visited a website where the content was so small you had trouble reading it? Or maybe you’ve seen a webpage where the content was completely oversized? Safari has a handy zoom feature that you can adjust not just for the current site you’re visiting, but for specific sites or all sites automatically.

Here’s how to use Safari zoom to automatically make websites larger on Mac.

Oppo unveils periscope-style camera lens system with 5x lossless zoom

Chinese electronics manufacturer Oppo today announced a brand new camera system at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Developed in collaboration with an Israeli startup named Corephotonics, it's based on a periscope-style lens design which makes possible 5x lossless zoom, earning it a rather unexciting but apt 5x Dual Camera Zoom moniker.

What's more, Oppo's new technology kills the need for an unsightly camera bump at the back. The company did not say when the new camera technology can be expected to debut on its smartphones.

How to enable and use screen zoom on your Mac

There may be scenarios where you can't see something on your Mac's screen very well and having the ability to zoom in just a little bit closer to get a better look at something might be very useful.

Fortunately, macOS comes with built-in zoom features that can be enabled by the user, and in this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to get to them and talk about what you can do with them.

Weird iOS bug permits unlimited photo zooming

Apple's stock Photos app has a lot of nicely implemented features and it gets used a lot on my iPhone 6s, but I'm still yearning for the ability to zoom on photos unlimitedly, using the pinch-zoom gesture.

Zooming in Photos isn't possible beyond a certain threshold and that's been ticking me off for quite some time now. Curiously, there appears to be a bug in iOS which overrides this behavior and lets you zoom unlimitedly on a photo.

With this time-saving shortcut, you can quickly set some Mac display options

In addition to adjusting the screen resolution and choosing between the available display modes on your Mac, the macOS System Preferences application gives you additional display options to play with.

If you use display zoom, a great feature for people with less than perfect eyesight who find themselves squinting at the screen all the time, or you want to quickly access common features related to making items on the screen easier to see and the display easier to read, use the following time-saving shortcut to quickly adjust these options.