Photos app in iOS and iPadOS 14 lets you zoom in further than ever before

iOS 14’s Photos lets you zoom in on images further than ever before so most folks won’t have to resort to trickery just to zoom in on their photographs beyond Apple’s visibility threshold.

Deeper zoom in iOS 14 Photos

In iOS 13 and earlier, you can double-tap an image in the Photos app to zoom in or you can use the familiar pinching gesture if you’d like to extend your zoom a bit further. You cannot, however, zoom in on a photograph beyond the visibility threshold that’s set by iOS and iPadOS.

That has changed in both iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

That’s the furthest you can zoom in on an image in iOS 14 Photos without falling back to that rotate trick

Now you can zoom beyond that particular point by default, but there’s still a ceiling to how far your zoom can go. For those wondering, the rotate trick still works so you can still infinitely zoom in on your photographs and other images in the Photos app on iOS and iPadOS 14.

As MacRumors explains:

For those who like to pixel peep at ‌iPhone‌ photos to see different elements of images, the new zooming options will be a welcome and convenient change. There’s still a limit on zooming, so the rotate trick still works if you need to zoom in even further than ‌iOS 14‌ allows. Further zoom will be entirely pixellated though, so most people shouldn’t need to zoom in beyond what’s permitted by default.

This is perhaps one of my favorite little features in the Photos app on iOS and iPadOS 14.

How to zoom in even further in iOS 14 Photos

As demonstrated in our hands-in video walkthrough, you can infinitely zoom in the Photos app on an iPhone or iPad by cropping an image just a little bit, then save the changes.

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Now that particular photo can be zoomed in pretty much infinitely. Actually, you don’t even need to crop – simply rotate the image to any direction, then rotate back to normal.

Other iOS 14 Photos improvements

Apple has given lots of attention to the Photos app in iOS and iPadOS 14.

You can create and display image captions just like you’ve been able for quite some time in the desktop version of Photos. Additionally, you get increased privacy too as iOS and iPadOS 14 enabled you to share only a limited selection of Photos items with third-party apps.

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The Photos sidebar gives you quick access to all of the media types. You get better Memories with a larger selection of music tracks that automatically adapt to the length of your movie, as well as improved framing when switching between horizontal and portrait orientations.

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The smart search from the Photos app is now available via iOS 14’s revamped image picker in other apps like Messages, Mail, Safari and in third-party apps. Last but not least, you can filter your collection by Favorites, Edited, Videos and Photos — plus, you’re now able to sort any of your albums, including Shared Albums, by oldest or newest first.

Raise hands who’s liking this iOS 14 tidbit

Have you ever wanted to zoom beyond iOS’ threshold? And have you ever checked out the rotate trick and if so, what did you think of it?

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