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The best VPN deals right now

Don’t miss out on this deal: two years of Private Internet Access VPN at 63% off

Stock up on these tough metal-braided Lightning cables for 50% off

Apple’s free app of the week: Hyperburner

Apple & related news

Apple’s been secretly developing non-invasive sensors to monitor blood sugar levels

iPhone modem supplier Qualcomm countersues Apple

iPhone 8’s in-screen Touch ID apparently causing Apple the most trouble

Claimed iPhone 8 schematic shows Touch ID on the back, vertically aligned cameras & more

Minimalist clock screen savers for Mac


The best jailbreak tweaks for Notification Center

iPhone 3GS untethered bootrom exploit released

iDeviceReRestore launches: restore 32-bit devices to any iOS 9.X firmware version

NoMoreStories removes the Stories feature from the Facebook app

Hide the waveform and activity bar when using voice memos with discreetVoiceMemos

Birdhouse lets you see tweets from your empty Notification Center

This tweak customizes the ‘iPhone is disabled’ text that appears after failed passcode attempts

This tweak displays song ratings throughout the Music app

Tweaks of last week: Confero 2, SpecialFaces, Springtomize 4, & more…


The best calendar apps for iPad

Turn iMessage, WhatsApp, and Line voice messages into text with Textify


How to adjust the date and time of a picture in Photos for Mac

How to spoof the GPS location of photos on your iPhone

How to call your destination when using the Maps app on Apple Watch

How to share your real time location on Google Maps

How to disable comments on your Instagram posts


Geometric pattern wallpapers

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