Minimalist clock screen savers for Mac

I like my desk to be clean, and as minimalistic as possible. This of course includes what’s on my desk, but also what shows on my computer screen when I’m not actively using it. This is why for the past few months I have opted to use minimalist clock screen savers on my Mac.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many options that meet my basic criteria of simplicity and minimalist beauty, but I did find a few that I’ll share with you.

Fliqlo, the flip clock screen saver

First on the list is Fliqlo, a very simple screen saver that allows you to turn your Mac into a flip clock. After downloading and installing this screensaver, you will have a couple options available. First, you will be able to choose between a 12 or 24 hour time format. Born and raised in France, yet living in the US for the past 13 years, I am still more comfortable with the 24-hour format, which you can see on the above screenshot.

The second option available lets you change the size of the clock from about half of the screen to full screen.

I really enjoy the retro flip clock style of Fliqlo, and it is usually the screensaver I use the most on my Mac.

You can download Fliqlo for free from its dersigner’s website.

Padbury clock screen saver

The Padbury clock bears the name of its creator, Robert Padbury, a designer who has worked for Apple and Instagram among other companies. This screen saver displays a simple digital clock with counting seconds on your Mac.

Padbury clock comes with a few options worth highlighting. First, you can choose from a light (black on white) or dark (white on black) theme. There is also a third option that lets you alternate between white and black. Like the Fliqlo screen saver, you can customize the time format (24 or 12 hour time) to your liking. Finally, there is a night time mode that displays the time in red from 10pm to 6am.

I like the Padbury screen saver for its simple elegance. I just wish there was a way to hide the seconds.

You can download the Padbury screen saver from the designer’s website for free.

X-Large Apple Watch screen saver

Part of our collection of Apple Watch screen savers for Mac, this is one of my recent favorites. Options are limited though. Besides the ability to choose from different styles of Apple Watch faces, you can only customize the color from a dozen or so choices. You don’t get to choose the time format as it seems to use your Mac’s defaults.

Watch screensavers can be downloaded for free from the developer’s site.

How to install these screen savers

After downloading these screen savers, double click the file to extract it, then open the .saver file. It will then be added to your list of screen savers under System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. Select the one you want from the list, then choose Screen Saver Options to customize the selected screen.

What are your favorite minimalist screen savers?

What do you think is the best minimalist screen saver for Mac? Please make sure to share your findings with the rest of us. I will then update this list with some of the best options submitted.