Jailbreak tweaks of the week: YouTubeVolume, Zeal, & more…

As another week comes to an end, we have yet another roundup to go over all of the newest jailbreak tweaks that were released in Cydia this week.

In this piece, we’ll talk first about all of the releases that impressed us the most from the bunch, and then we’ll quickly go over all of the rest.

Our favorite releases this week

Zeal – $0.99

Zeal is an incredible new release that lets you see more about your battery at a glance.

It provides you with battery health information that Apple normally doesn’t give you access to, as well as convenient toggle buttons for managing your battery life more efficiently.

The interface can be invoked with Activator and can be opened in either alert or banner mode, depending on your personal preference.

If you’re a battery monger, and you want to see more advanced information about your device, we recommend checking out Zeal. Our full review has more information about what it has to offer.

YouTubeVolume – FREE

Apple’s volume HUD is just so awful, and yet the YouTube app has a very nice volume HUD. It seems Google has the right idea, so why not transfer the YouTube volume HUD to everywhere else in iOS?

A new free jailbreak tweak called YouTubeVolume brings a YouTube-inspired volume HUD to every other part of iOS, including within apps and on the Home screen.

With an improved look and additional accessibility, the tweak makes it easier to watch videos, play full-screen games, and access buttons inside apps without being interrupted.

You can read our full review of YouTubeVolume to learn more about how it works.

Other releases this week

CanYouLikeNot: Prevents the passcode screen from automatically showing after resprings (free – review)

CCNoFloating: Animates the Control Center like before iOS 10 (free)

CustomLockscreenDuration: Lets you choose the sleep timer for the Lock screen (free – review)

MailClientDefault10: Lets you choose a default email app on your iPhone or iPad (free – review)

MaskMe10: Hides the text and sender’s name from banner notifications from Messages (free – review)

NotifyCensored: Lets you censor the details of notifications from certain apps (free – review)

PPTPFix: Lets you use native PPTP VPN on iOS 10 (free)

ringUI: Makes parts of iOS square instead of round (free – review)

SafariEnhancer10: Tools for customizing Safari to make it the way you want it to be (free)

Unicus: Tools for customizing your Lock screen (free)

WidgeficationX (iOS 10): Lets you adjust the transparency effects of widgets and banners throughout iOS 10 (free – review)

Although that wraps it up for this week’s roundup, we make these posts every week. That said, you can come back for more jailbreak tweaks next week or you can check back into last week’s roundup to make sure you haven’t missed anything special while you were gone.

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak release this week? Share your thoughts and comments below!