Choose the default email app on your iPhone with MailClientDefault10

Most iOS users utilize the Mail app on their device by default for any email-related activities because it’s the stock app for doing so. Unfortunately, after deleting the Mail app (post-iOS 10), iOS won’t redirect mail:to links to your favorite third-party email app when you tap on them.

MailClientDefault10 is a new jailbreak tweak release by HiDan that fixes this problem by letting you configure a third-party email client as the default app for composing emails, which effectively solves the aforementioned problem.

After installation, you can go to the Settings app and designate what you want your default email app to be from the tweak’s preferences pane:

The tweak currently supports the following four email clients:

  • Gmail
  • Inbox
  • Outlook
  • Spark

By selecting the third-party email client you wish to use as your default and then enabling the tweak, iOS will automatically begin launching your designated app when you tap on mail:to links rather than trying to find and open the stock Mail app, which becomes a problem especially after you’ve removed it because it no longer exists.

While the current list of supported email clients isn’t that extensive yet, the developer can always update to the tweak with support for more in the future. You can contact him through Cydia to raise consideration for your favorite email client if it’s not supported already.

If you’re interested in trying MailClientDefault10, you can grab it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. The tweak is compatible with jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

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Do you have a third-party email app that you prefer to use instead of Apple’s Mail app? Share in the comments below why or why not.