How to create and edit Smart Folders in Spark on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Use Spark Smart Folder Mac

Just like smart mailboxes in the Mail app, you can set up smart folders in the Spark email app. This makes organizing your inbox easier, plus gives you a specific spot to go to for those particular emails you need.

You can use smart folders in Spark for travel arrangements, purchase receipts, or work-related emails. Or, you can set them up for emails you received in certain time frame, with a particular type of attachment, or from a specific sender.

Whatever you might find smart folders useful for in Spark, here’s how to create and edit them on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to create subfolders in Mail on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Create Mail Subfolder Mailbox iPhone

Apple’s Mail app has some nice features for organizing your inbox. You can use Smart Mailboxes that automatically filter and grab messages or use flags to call out certain emails. So if you’re looking for another way to keep your inbox under control, consider using subfolders.

While Apple doesn’t technically call folders or subfolders by those names and uses the word Mailbox instead, it’s much simpler for many people to refer to them as folders. If you’re new to the Mail app or just haven’t spent a lot of time organizing your accounts, here’s how to create subfolders in Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to use Flags to organize your inbox in the Mail app

Flag Email iPhone from Reply List

There are all sorts of ways to manage your inbox in the Mail app. But if you’re struggling to keep things organized, one feature to try is Flags. Flags in Mail are handy for making certain emails stand out. However, they can also give you a great way to manage all of those incoming messages and we’ll show you how.

How to customize Gmail swipe actions on iPhone

Gmail app Customize Swipe Actions on iPhone

If you use the Gmail app on your iPhone, then you know it has some pretty cool features. You can quickly unsend an email, use threaded conversations, and respond to Google Calendar events.

Now the app gives you something similar to your Mail app with improved swipe actions. Instead of just archive and delete, you can move, archive, mark, or snooze your messages with simple gestures. Here’s how to customize Gmail swipe actions on iPhone.

How to change your message list preview in Mail on iOS and Mac

Set Mail app inbox preview

When you’re looking through your inbox in the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can see a preview of the message’s contents. This can be more helpful than the subject line in many cases, especially if it’s an ongoing conversation where the subject line remains the same.

So, how much information do you want to see in those previews? You can choose from none at all up to five lines. To get the view that’s right for you, here’s how to change your message list preview in Mail on iOS and Mac.

2 handy Gmail email address tricks you should know

Gmail Add Plus Sign to Address

We recently showed you a way to add an alias to your Gmail account for those times when you don’t want to give out your true Gmail email address. Thanks to a reader tip and a bit of research, we have two more ways for you to (somewhat) disguise your email address as well as have an easier way to filter your Gmail inbox.

Here are two Gmail email address tricks you should know.

How to configure your Spark email app Smart Inbox

Spark Smart Inbox Settings on iPhone

Spark is a great email solution if you want to move past your default Mail app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It offers a host of helpful features and one of them is the Smart Inbox.

The Smart Inbox is a spot in the app that gathers emails from your various accounts and categorizes them for you. This gives you a fast and easy way to zip through your inbox. The key is configuring it to work for you and here’s ways you can do that.

Choose the default email app on your iPhone with MailClientDefault10

Most iOS users utilize the Mail app on their device by default for any email-related activities because it's the stock app for doing so. Unfortunately, after deleting the Mail app (post-iOS 10), iOS won’t redirect mail:to links to your favorite third-party email app when you tap on them.

MailClientDefault10 is a new jailbreak tweak release by HiDan that fixes this problem by letting you configure a third-party email client as the default app for composing emails, which effectively solves the aforementioned problem.