How to create and edit Smart Folders in Spark on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Use Spark Smart Folder Mac

Just like smart mailboxes in the Mail app, you can set up smart folders in the Spark email app. This makes organizing your inbox easier, plus gives you a specific spot to go to for those particular emails you need.

You can use smart folders in Spark for travel arrangements, purchase receipts, or work-related emails. Or, you can set them up for emails you received in certain time frame, with a particular type of attachment, or from a specific sender.

Whatever you might find smart folders useful for in Spark, here’s how to create and edit them on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Smart folders in Spark

Create a Spark smart folder on iPhone and iPad

Open Spark on your iOS device and do the following to create a smart folder.

1) Tap the menu icon on the top left and then select Edit List.

2) Under More Folders, tap Add Smart Folder.

3) Give your smart folder a name and select the accounts if you have more than one.

Spark iPhone Create Smart Folder

4) Tap Filter and with the cursor in the Search field, enter the keywords you want to use. You’ll see suggestions display as you type and can select one of those.

To add more than one filter, enter another keyword to the right of the previous one and choose another suggestion.

5) When you finish with the filter, tap Save and when you get back to the smart folder screen, tap Save again.

Spark iPhone Smart Folder Enter Keywords

6) You’ll then see the new smart folder in your list. From there, you can tap to drag it up or down in your list. Tap Save when you finish.

Spark iPhone Smart Folder in List

Choose the smart folder in the Folders section of the menu anytime to see the contents.

Edit a Spark Smart folder on iOS

You can make changes to a smart folder on iOS after you create it like adjusting the filters or accounts.

1) Tap the menu icon on the top left and then select Edit List.

2) Tap the minus sign next to the smart folder.

3) Scroll down a bit under More Folders and tap the More icon (three dots) next to the smart folder.

Spark iPhone Edit Smart Folder

4) To edit the folder, tap Edit and make your changes. You can also remove the folder by tapping Delete.

Spark iPhone Edit Delete Smart Folder

5) If you make edits, tap Save when you finish.

6) Now you’ll be back to the Edit List screen. To put your folder back where it was in the sidebar, before Step 1, tap the plus sign next to it and then tap Save.

Spark iPhone Add Smart Folder in List

Create a Spark smart folder on Mac

Open Spark on your Mac and then follow these steps to create a smart folder.

1) Click the More option at the bottom of your Folders list in the left-hand sidebar.

2) Click Create Smart Folder or put your cursor over Smart Folders and pick Create Smart Folder.

Spark Mac Create Smart Folder

3) When the pop-up window appears, start by giving your smart folder a meaningful name.

4) Click inside the Search field and you should see a few common filter suggestions like To, From, and Attachments.

Spark Mac Smart Folder Keywords

You can select one of those or enter your own keywords. As you type, you’ll see other suggestions that you can pick from.

Spark Mac Smart Folder Enter Keywords

And after you choose a keyword to use, you should see an arrow next to it that you can click for related options.

Spark Mac Smart Folder Keyword Options

Continue adding and selecting keywords to filter the emails you want in the smart folder. You’ll see the results from the filters you apply display in the large box in the pop-up window.

5) If you have more than one email accounts set up in Spark, click the All Accounts drop-down to pick a particular one or leave it as All Accounts if you prefer.

6) Click Create and your new smart folder will display at the bottom of the sidebar under Recents.

You can see the number of emails that are in the folder and can just click it to view the emails.

Edit a Spark Smart folder on Mac

Once you create a smart folder in Spark on Mac, you can make a few adjustments to it if needed.

Right-click the smart folder in the Recents section of the Spark sidebar.

You can select Edit to adjust the filters, Move to Favorites, Change Folder Color, Remove from Sidebar, or Delete the folder.

Spark Mac Edit Smart Folder

Wrapping it up

Smart folders in the Spark email app are handy for those situations where you want to filter emails automatically based on criteria. You can use these types of folders long-term or just temporarily.

Are you going to create a smart folder in Spark on either iOS or Mac? If so, let us know what you plan to use it for!

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