How to recall or unsend an email with Spark

Spark Undo Send Email iPhone

Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn’t? Maybe you forgot something like an attachment or perhaps you wrote something you shouldn’t have? Apple’s Mail app on iOS and Mac doesn’t currently give you the option to unsend an email you sent. But, the Spark email app does.

If you’re new to the app or simply haven’t had the need to recall an email, this tutorial shows you how to unsend an email in Spark on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Unsending an email with Spark email

One very important thing to keep in mind with recalling an email you send with Spark is that you only have seconds to do it. So if you’re reading this now and want to recall an email from yesterday or even 10 minutes ago, it won’t work. But knowing how to do this moving forward might just save you from sending something you shouldn’t.

You have five seconds to unsend your email with Spark.

Unsending an email on iPhone, iPad and Mac

With most any action you take using the Spark email app, you have an Undo option. This will briefly appear after you take that action. And, this is the feature you can use to unsend an email.

Once you hit the Send button on your new email, reply, or forward, you’ll see the Undo option at the bottom. Click or tap Undo as soon as you can, because again, you only have five seconds.

Spark Undo Send Email Mac

On iPhone and iPad, you’ll actually see the countdown from five seconds next to Undo.

Spark Undo Countdown iPhone

The Undo action works the same on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And once you hit Undo to unsend your email, that message will pop back open for you, as if you were composing it.

From there, you can make the changes you need and then send it on its way. Or you can save it for later or simply delete the draft if you don’t want to send it at all.

Spark Send Save Delete Email iPhone

Keep in mind that if you take more than one action quickly, the Undo feature will reverse all of those actions.

Wrapping it up

While five seconds isn’t a lot of time to decide to unsend an email, it’s better than not having the ability at all. And many times, seconds is all you need to realize you forgot something in your message.

Hopefully this is a feature that Apple will bring to the Mail app at some point as well.

Have you ever wished you could unsend an email? If you use Spark, be sure to keep this Undo feature in mind in case it happens again.

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