This tweak prevents the passcode screen from appearing after every respring

Have you ever noticed that when you respring your jailbroken iOS 10 device, the passcode screen always appears after it boots back up?

A new free jailbreak tweak release called CanYouLikeNot by wizages prevents the passcode screen from appearing after every respring, which might be preferred on devices that are Touch ID-enabled.

Some people probably find this more annoying than others, but if you have any Lock screen-based jailbreak tweaks, then the passcode input buttons can get in the way and require you to take extra unnecessary steps just to access that tweak in the first place.

Even if you don’t have any Lock screen tweaks, CanYouLikeNot is great for the aesthetics of your device simply because those with Touch ID really never want to look at the passcode screen unless they have to use it. Since Touch ID typically works after resprings, entering a passcode is usually unnecessary.

It’s worth noting that the tweak doesn’t disable the passcode screen, so you can still access it by swiping over when Touch ID isn’t working. It doesn’t bypass the passcode either; it simply prevents you from having to look at your passcode screen more often than you have to, and to our testing, we can confirm it does a good job of that.

If you’re interested in trying CanYouLikeNot, it’s available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. The tweak is designed to work on jailbroken iOS 10 devices and it doesn’t have any options to configure.

Moreover, if you like seeing what makes these kinds of things work, you can view the source code for CanYouLikeNot on the developer’s GitHub page.

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