How to enable Messages effects even when Reduce Motion is on


Among other things, iOS 10 lets users animate chat bubbles in Apple’s expressive Messages app and play animations such as balloons, confetti or fireworks that can take over an entire screen.

When iOS 10.0 released, these bubble and screen animations wouldn’t play if a user had Reduce Motion enabled in Settings. iOS 10.1 has fixed this omission so you can still enjoy Messages animations when Reduce Motion is on.

This quick tutorial will teach you to play Messages effects even if the Reduce Motion feature has been turned on in Accessibility settings.

How to play iOS 10 effects if Reduce Motion is turned on

1) Go to Settings → Accessibility → Reduce Motion on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Your device must run iOS 10.1 or later.

iOS 10 Settings Reduce Motion iPhone screenshot 001

2) Slide Reduce Motion switch to the ON position. This setting helps reduce animations throughout iOS, including the parallax effect of icons, slam-cuts, zooming when opening apps, using iOS’s app switcher and more.

3) With Reduce Motion enabled, a new Auto-play Message Effects switch appears in the interface. Slide that new toggle to the ON position as well.

iOS 10 Messages effects Reduce Motion iPhone screenshot 002

Messages will now play bubble and screen animations for any chats you receive, even though Reduce Motion has been enabled.

I use Reduce Motion all the time because it makes navigating iOS a lot faster and helps preserve battery life. For those wondering, iOS’s Low Battery Mode has no bearing on bubble and screen animations in Messages.

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