Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Login, Discreetify9, & more…

Tweaks of the week

This has been a busy week for Cydia, at least for those who have jailbroken devices. In this roundup we’ll be showing you all of our favorite jailbreak tweaks we talked about this week, as well as all of the rest.

Our favorites this week

Login – $1.99

Login is a stunning new Lock screen replacement that clearly has its roots firmly planted in the origins of OS X.

As the screenshot shows, it basically turns your Lock screen into a an OS X-inspired login screen, complete with a password field, profile picture, and power buttons across the bottom. Everything is fully functional, so it works as good as it looks.

This is one of those tweaks that you can tell right off the bat is made with love, so I would definitely recommend checking out our full review to see what this tweak is capable of.

Discreetify9 – $0.99

Discreetify9 Example

Never worry again about someone looking over your shoulder or someone picking up your device from the table while you’re not around to see what someone sent you in your latest notification with Discreetify9.

With this tweak, you can selectively filter messages with specific keywords in the title text or content text and replace it with generic text or prevent the notification from even appearing at all.

This tweak is your ultimate step to privacy without having to enable the system-wide content-hiding feature in iOS, because it can be fine-tuned to filter out only the messages you don’t want seen, all while unsuspectingly leaving those that aren’t privacy-intensive.

You should definitely check out our full review on this one to learn more about how it works.

Other releases this week

Amalthea (iOS 9): Moves the volume HUD to the Status Bar ($1.49 – review)

AppDye 2: Lets you colorize all kinds of UI elements throughout iOS ($1.99 – review)

ArithmeticAlarm9: Forces you to solve an arithmetic math problem to silence your alarm ($0.99 – review)

AutoSaveStory: Automatically saves Snapchat “My Story” uploads to the Camera Roll (free)

BottomBar: Puts the Status Bar at the bottom of your screen (free)

ColoredVK 2: Lets you colorize the VK app ($2.00)

CustomNC: Lets you modify the look and feel of Notification Center (free – review)

EventOnAppClose: Lets you perform an Activator event upon closing an app (free – review)

fileProto (file:// enabler): Enables file:// URLs in Safari (free)

GIFLock: Lets you set a GIF as the Lock screen background (free – review)

Keep On Airplane Mode: Keeps Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled when you toggle Airplane Mode (free – review)

LiveIconDisabler: Disables live icons on the Home screen (free – review)

Mail Swipe2Delete: Replaces the “Archive” option with “Delete” in the Mail app (free)

Messages (iOS 8 & 9): Quick Reply and Quick Compose for the Messages app ($1.99)

moBiLET++: Removes time limits from the moBiLET app (free)

NightOwl: Puts Twitter’s night mode on a timer (free – review)

Notum: Adds a music page and a new look and feel to Notification Center ($1.00 – review)

StatusbarVolume: A new Status Bar-based volume indicator for iOS (free – review)

Steps: A pedometer app for iOS (free)

Although that rounds up this week’s jailbreak tweak releases in a nutshell, we’re sure to see more interesting releases throughout the coming week, even in the midst of Apple’s September 7th event were the iPhone 7 is expected to be unveiled.

If you’re itching for more jailbreak tweaks to try on your device, stay tuned to iDB and check out last week’s roundup just to make sure you haven’t missed anything cool.