Notum brings music and a new look to Notification Center

Notum Notification Center Music 2

Notum is a new jailbreak tweak that not only enhances the way Notification Center looks, but also adds a new page to it for interacting with your currently-playing music or media.

One of the first things that will stand out after you install this tweak is the new animation you’ll see while opening and closing Notification Center on your device.

Notum Animation Animated GIF

It very much reminds me of a set of horizontal blinds over a window. As you open it, Notification Center falls down and covers the whole screen as the background slowly dims out of focus. When you close Notification Center, it opens right back up and the dimness disappears.

Animations aside, you’re also going to find that tweak makes Notification Center a page-based experience, as you can see from the page dots (yes, they can be hidden). With that in mind, you can swipe left and right between the Music, Today, and Notifications pages. The new music-centric experience for Notification Center is pretty much the meat and potatoes of Notum.

On the Music page, you will see any media that’s currently playing, as well as music controls just like you’d see in Control Center. This includes album artwork and other information about the song.

The Today and Notifications pages are pretty much the same as they were prior to installing Notum.

Of course, Notum can be configured in different ways to suit your needs. The options mostly have to do with the tweak’s aesthetics, and are found in the Settings app under the Notum preferences pane:

Notum Preferences Pane 1

Apart from the ability to toggle the tweak on or off on the main page, you’ll also find three sections of settings that you can go through, as well as a respring button to save your changes.

Notum Preferences Pane 2

From the three sections of settings, you can configure the look and feel of your Notum-ized Notification Center. Ranging from colorization to alignment and sizing, these options let you fine-tune the look of Notum and make the tweak suit your individual personality.

Despite the fact that this tweak’s biggest feature is adding music-based features to Notification Center, I’ve still got to say I sort of dig the new look and animations.

If you’re interested in trying Notum out for yourself, you can download it onto your jailbroken iPhone today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.00.