New Activator extension lets you assign actions to closing apps

EventOnAppClose Header

Activator is a powerful extension for jailbroken iOS devices that empowers you to make things happen. While it’s already a great extension out of the box, other developers are constantly improving on its functionality with add-on tweaks. One of the latest is EventOnAppClose, and it can really come in handy.

Just as the name implies, this add-on lets you assign Activator actions to the action of closing apps on your device.

This function is very flexible; it allows you to choose what apps it recognizes and what apps it doesn’t. With that in mind, you can prevent the action you assign from taking place every time you close an app on your device; rather, only taking place when you close the apps you configure the tweak to work with.

If you open the Activator app after installing EventOnAppClose, you’ll find a new option under the Springboard subheading called “Close Any App.” The action that you assign to this option will occur every time you close any app on your device.

Activator Event On App Close

Screenshot on left shows the Springboard subheading before installation, right is after.

To configure the new Activator action on a per-app basis, instead of having it take place for all apps, you will have to play with settings in the Settings app first. There, you will find the following preferences pane:

Activator Event on App Close Preferences

By default, the pane is empty. You have to tap on the + button at the top right of the interface to start adding the apps you want individual Activator actions set for.

After you add all the apps you want to this list, you can head over to the Activator app and go to the Springboard subheading once again, and you’ll see individual cells for each of the apps you added earlier:

Activator EventOnAppClose Individual Apps

In our example, we added the Camera App and iFile app to the preferences pane in the Settings app. As a result, there are now individual cells for Camera and iFile and this means we can assign a different Activator action to closing the iFile app than we have set to closing the Camera app.

This add-on is brimming with potential, and it just takes an imagination like yours to turn something like this into something fully-functional and useful based on how you use your own device.

If you’re interested in trying EventOnAppClose, you can download it for free on your jailbroken device from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. Activator is also required if you don’t already have it.

Let us know in the comments how you intend to use this add-on, if you will be.