37 new jailbreak tweaks released in this jam-packed week

Cydia Home iPhone 6

Wow, what a week!

These are the words I said to myself after I finished listing all the new tweaks that were released this past week in Cydia. And there were some pretty original and useful tweaks too, but you be the judge of that.

If you haven’t had time to catch up with Cydia this week, then this list will give you a quick overview of what was released, along with a short description and the price of each tweak. My guess is, you’ll be busy testing a lot of them out this weekend.

AlternateControls: lets you add and customize on-screen navigational buttons($0.99 – review)

Area Code Display Pro: displays the city of the person calling at the bottom of the screen ($0.99)

AutoAirPlay: chooses audio AirPlay devices automatically (free)

CameraModes: customize and re-order the different camera modes in the Camera app (free)

Camrix: lets you take photos from anywhere ($1.99 – review)

Cheesecake: bring the Android L screen fade animation to iOS (free – review)

CleanLock: hide notifications on your Lock screen, and easily reveal them if needed ($0.99)

ColorFill: colors the Reachability view space based on the dominant colors of the current screen (free – review)

ColorY0urBoard8Free: customize the look of your keyboard (free)

Copic for CallBar: show your contact’s photos on CallBar ($0.99)

Circulate: offers a theme dynamic clock icon ($0.99 – review)

curtainChecker: voice-over enhancements for blind jailbreakers (free)

Discreetify: filters the content of notifications based on specified keywords (free)

Flick Scroll: a different take on scrolling through webpages and documents ($1.49 – review)

Folderix: improve your iOS devices’ folders ($0.99 – review)

IDBox: lets you quickly switch between multiple Apple IDs ($1.50)

Locus: whitelist location services on an app-by-app basis (free – review)

meme: removes the blur effect when pulling down Spotlight search (free)

MyBatteryAlerts: offers more control over battery notifications, as well as other features ($0.99)

NotiHax: disables notification banners while still allowing for the notification sound (free)

Nuntius: brings native iOS 8 quick reply to WhatsApp (free – review)

ODUploadAny: upload any file to OneDrive app ($1.49)

OnlineNotify: track your friends on WhatsApp ($1.99)

panicLock Pro: a discrete way of locking your device ($0.99)

Photego: use Touch ID to confirm the deletion of Photos ($0.99 – review)

Photo Organizer 8: adds power-user features to the stock Photos app ($2.99 – review)

QuickSiri: invoke Siri with a specific phrase (free – review)

reachabilityUnlocked: customize Reachability’s duration, animation, and more

Safari Uploader 8: upload files using Safari (free)

SAFUploadAny: upload any file via Safari (free)

SpotlightSiri: initiate Siri queries via Spotlight search (free)

SubtleLock: minimalism brought to the Lock screen ($1 – review)

TWBEnhancerLite: adds some features to Tweetbot app (free)

VPNOnly 8: blocks internet traffic if VPN connection was lost or not established ($2.99)

What’s this song, Siri?: invokes Siri’s music tag feature with an Activator gesture (free)

WhitelistSwitcher: select what apps are allowed to appear in the App Switcher ($0.99 – review)

WhiteTerminal: a Terminal emulator for iOS (Free)

This list doesn’t pretend to be a comprehensive one. I could have just missed some tweaks so feel free to share in the comments section below.