Getting more out of Google Chrome

Now that Google Chrome has been out for a while on iOS, it’s a good time to sit back and reevaluate its value. Should you ditch Safari for Chrome? Is Chrome good for jailbreakers? How do you get more out of Chrome?

Inside we’ll take a look at various ways that you can make your Google Chrome experience more rewarding. Even if you’re not a jailbreaker there are plenty of ways you can still benefit…

It’s not that slow

Sure, it doesn’t have accelerated Javascript access, but neither does any other 3rd party browser on iOS. It’s not Safari, but it’s not that slow in real world usage.

You can open infinite tabs, no jailbreak needed

Yeah, that’s a crazy amount of tabs. So many that Google threw in a little surprise when you eclipse 99.

You can download files

If your device is jailbroken, you can now download files within Chrome. It’s not pretty, but it’s plenty functional.

You can refresh like Safari

For those of you who despise the way Google implemented refresh functionality into Chrome, this tweak is for you.

You can “pull to refresh”

Or, perhaps pull to refresh is more of your speed?

You can make it your default browser

Don’t forget to make Chrome your default browser…There are multiple ways to do this if jailbroken.

You can use bookmarklets

And contrary to popular belief, you can indeed use bookmarklets in Chrome. Instapaper nuts rejoice.

You can use the standard keyboard

For those of you who hate Chrome’s default keyboard layout, this one’s for you. But you’ve been warned, you’ll loose some functionality by doing so.

And if all that wasn’t enough, here are 10 additional awesome features that come with stock Google Chrome on iOS

Even without jailbreaking, Chrome is a worthy Safari alternative and packs quite a lot of features.

What do you think? Have you tried Chrome yet, or are you definitely sticking with Safari?