How to add a traditional refresh button to Google Chrome

The way Google Chrome for iOS handles its refresh/stop functionality is a bit unorthodox. You have to first open a menu, and then tap the refresh or stop button to perform the action.

While it may seem like a small deal, I’ve found that this extra step is a bit frustrating in real world usage. Thankfully, as you may have guessed, the jailbreak community has responded with an answer.

EasyRefresh for Chrome is that answer — it’s a jailbreak tweak that adds a traditional refresh button to Google Chrome for iOS…


EasyRefresh for Chrome is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It features no options or settings, you’ll simply have a new refresh/stop button next to your address bar once it’s installed.

Do you prefer this more traditional method of refreshing your browser, or can you live with the way Chrome does things?