ChromeURL allows you to use the standard web keyboard with Google Chrome

One of the few big complaints about Google Chrome is the fact that Google inexplicably left out TLD (top level domain) keyboard shortcuts in favor of their own custom keyboard layout.

In mobile Safari, these shortcuts allow you to tap and hold the “.com” button to bring up an alternate list of TLDs like .org, .net, etc. On Chrome, however, Google opted for a different styled keyboard that lacks these shortcuts.

As usual, the jailbreak community has come to the rescue with a fix — this one in near record time. The fix is called ChromeURL, and it’s a free jailbreak tweak downloadable from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Its purpose is to perform one function, and one function only — replace the Chrome keyboard with the same keyboard present in the stock mobile Safari browser…


ChromeURL features no settings or options to configure; all you do is install it, and you’ll notice that the Chrome keyboard has been outright replaced with something a bit more usable.

Do you like Google’s new fangled keyboard, or do you prefer the old school keyboard brought back by ChromeURL? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.