The Best Jailbreak Apps For iPhone

bestI’m often asked what the best jailbreak apps for iPhone are. The truth is it’s hard to tell what the best jailbroken apps are because what’s good for me might not be for you.

While we can’t all agree on the best apps for jailbroken iPhone, we can certainly agree on what our favorites are. In order to come up with this list, I asked people on Twitter and in the forum what their favorite jailbreak apps were (and I also added some of mine).

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are the best jailbreak iPhone apps voted by you and me:

  • MyWi – turns your iPhone into a hotspot
  • Backgrounder – brings multitasking to your iPhone
  • ProSwitcher – a nice UI for Backgrounder
  • Circuitous – a multitasking/app switching application
  • Categories – allows you to create folders
  • WinterBoard – an app that lets you customize many aspects of your iPhone
  • BossPaper – an advanced wallpaper manager that puts total control of wallpapers into your hands
  • VoIPover3G – tricks any app into thinking you’re on wifi while you are on 3G or Edge
  • Xpandr – a shortcut expander
  • Action Menu – improves the copy/paste experience
  • QuickScroll – allows you to quickly scroll through a page
  • Find In Page – quickly find any text on web pages
  • qTweeter – lets you update Twitter and Facebook status from within any application
  • SBSettings – a quick a way to toggle settings on/off
  • MultiIconMover – lets you move multiple icons at a time
  • InfiniDock – add unlimited icons to your dock
  • InfiniBoard – vertical scrolling on your springboard
  • QuickDo – app switching/launching
  • LockInfo – customize your lockscreen to get the information you need

Edit: More awesome jailbreak apps here.

What do you think the best jailbreak apps are? Please feel free to share in the comments.