Xpandr: Shortcuts Made Easy on the iPhone

Do you have to enter the same text over and over again on your iPhone? Do you need a reply template for emails? If so, Xpandr is for you.

Xpandr is a shortcut expander for the iPhone / iPod touch. It allows you to define an unlimited number of shortcuts to save time and make your life easier. It works in every application, even on App Store applications.

Let me tell you how beneficial Xpandr is for me

Every day on Twitter people ask me where to get jailbreak information. So every day, several times a day, I have to manually type a tweet containing the following URL: https://www.idownloadblog.com/jailbreak/. Not too complicated, but when you have to do it 8-9 times/day, it gets very annoying.

That’s where Xpandr comes in. Xpandr allows you to create macros, or shortcuts if you prefer. To create a shortcut, simply tell Xpandr what the shortcut is and what the value of this shortcut is.

In our example, my shortcut is !jb (as in jailbreak) and the value of this macro is https://www.idownloadblog.com/jailbreak/

Now if I go to any application on my iPhone and I type !jb, it will automatically insert https://www.idownloadblog.com/jailbreak/.

I also set other shortcuts for !unlock, !signature, and more… This is a real time saver.

Xpandr is available on Cydia for $1.99 and I believe it is worth every penny.

Have you already tried this application? If so, tell me us what you think about it.