Backgrounder runs multiple apps at once

Backgrounder from Lance Fetters is a new Cydia app out that promises to turn your ordinary iPhone into a multitasking machine. And after a quick download I’d have to say it delivered it in style.

Upon install you’ll get a hard respring. But don’t get caught looking for an icon, because there is none. You activate the app by opening up any legally downloaded Apple App Store app, (I haven’t gotten it to work with  cydia apps), and holding down the home button until a prompt pops up and lets you know backgrounder is enabled.

Now, for those of you who use a music app like Pandora, and want to listen to your Pandora music while you browse your photos or do something else on your iPhone, be excited. I personally use it when I am playing a video game. I hit pause, run backgrounder and quit the game, send a text, and re open the game and voila! No loading time, and I didn’t lose my progress in my game.

I haven’t tested the battery usage, but I’m assuming it makes a noticeable difference if you leave it on. And it will stay on until you restart/respring or disable it manually the same way you enabled it.

Bottom line is, this application will help make light work of those once tedious app switching jobs. I am cody lee, and I approve this message