SBSettings v1.0.1

SBSettings brings the concept of toggle and app launch directly from the springboard, giving you the ability to launch it no matter what apps is running by just sliding your fingers across the status bar. The drop screen appears with docked icons like 3G, Wifi and SSH. These toggles are green when enabled and red when disabled. There is also quick access to hiding icons, respringing, restarting, and features like the “Apple kill switch”, etc…

With 1990+ downloads in one day, SBSettings is one of Cydia’s top apps.

With v1.0.1, you can move important toggles on the springboard where they are always available instantly while other apps are running.

New changes:

  • Add icon to dock
  • Added theme support
  • Home button now closes the window
  • Disabled entirely on lock screen (this one was annoying)

SBSettings is available for free on Cydia. After installing it, you won’t find any icon on your screen but just slide your fingers across the status bar to make it appear.