How to add the BigBoss repository to Sileo

In case you missed it, @0ptimo has officially implemented SHA256 for the BigBoss repository, paving the way for full Sileo support. CoolStar has announced that an upcoming Sileo update will implement the official BigBoss repository out of the box, but why wait?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can add the official BigBoss repository to your Sileo package manager right now.

BigBoss repository now uses SHA256, paving the way for Sileo support

In an unexpected turn of events this weekend, @0ptimo added official SHA256 support to the BigBoss repository, a move that looks to appease the Sileo Team as an increasing number of people use the Electra Team’s Chimera jailbreak to take advantage of the full-fledged A12(X) support in the here and now.

Sileo Team lead developer CoolStar acknowledged the change just this evening via Twitter, noting that an upcoming update for the Sileo package manager will implement native support for the newly-upgraded BigBoss repository:

Addsource makes adding repositories to Cydia easier

Handsets jailbroken with Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver tool will have Cydia installed as the default package manager, and with a newly-released free jailbreak tweak dubbed addsource by iOS developers yuosaf01 and 3bod_syr, you can augment the app’s native repository-adding functionality.

With any typical Cydia installation, users will need to enter a repository’s URL manually by tapping on the ‘Add’ button in the app’s Sources tab. This method works, but it tends to be cumbersome and exposes users to an increased likelihood of human error while typing the designated repository URL.

Sileo to remove support for webview-based depictions by December 2019

The Cydia vs. Sileo debate rages on, especially as there are now two competing jailbreaks for iOS 12 in addition to iOS 11 – the Electra Team’s Chimera jailbreak and Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak.

While Chimera is the only jailbreak to offer full-fledged support for A12(X) devices out of the box, with unc0ver only ‘partially’ supporting A12(X) at the time of this writing, one significant caveat for many jailbreakers is that Chimera installs Sileo as the default package manager instead of Cydia.

Sileo will soon stop ‘featuring’ packages from the BigBoss repository

In an unfortunate turn of events Friday morning, the Sileo Team announced via Twitter that it would no longer accept applications from jailbreak tweak developers to feature packages on the front page that are being hosted on the official BigBoss repository.

Instead, the Sileo Team alluded that only packages being mirrored by the Essentialis Repository and the those hosted by the third-party Chariz and Dynastic Repo repositories would be eligible for being featured on Sileo’s front page. Consequently, the Sileo Team adds that developers should host in those repositories instead of BigBoss.

Chariz and Packix repositories will soon merge, augmenting the experience for users and developers alike

Chariz and Packix are two of the most popular third-party repositories for Cydia today, and as you might come to expect, the founders of each have become good friends along the way. But an announcement shared just this week via the Chariz Twitter account conveyed that the two repositories will soon consolidate into one, promising substantial improvements to the user experience for jailbreakers in the process.

Citing the announcement, the aforementioned merger was a project seven months in the making and represents an entirely new direction for both repositories as they unite into one and improve consumer services for the greater good.

In change of heart, Sileo Team says BigBoss repository can display one ad

Last Friday, the Sileo Team received backlash from prominent jailbreak developers and hackers because the Sileo package manager beta preview prevented the BigBoss repository from serving ads to its users. The situation gave rise to concerns that BigBoss could eventually cease to exist because the repository wouldn’t generate any revenue from its Sileo-centric user base.

Fortunately, the public spat involving several prominent members of the jailbreak community, including hackers and jailbreak tweak developers, appears to have paid off. A Tweet shared Monday evening by the Sileo Team demonstrates a slight change of heart and a departure from the original plan:

Several jailbreak hackers and developers now warn that Sileo could end the BigBoss repository

Friday morning, a port for the Sileo package manager became available for users of the unc0ver jailbreak, and we’ve since published a tutorial describing how to install the third-party package manager if you aren’t using Electra.

But this launch appears to have awoken the dormant beast in the jailbreak community. Many high-profile jailbreak hackers and developers are now speaking out against it, noting that the Sileo package manager hurts the BigBoss repository, which is the last of Cydia’s default repositories still standing (MacCiti and ModMyi closed their doors months ago).

Cydia Store Shutdown FAQ: What happened and how will it impact jailbreakers?

Just last week, Saurik (Jay Freeman) made the difficult decision to pull the plug on the Cydia Store. But how will this impact you? Perhaps not as much as you think.

Common misunderstandings have caused a lot of confusion surrounding what is happening to Cydia and what all of this means. If you’re searching for clarity regarding the matter, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will answer many of the remaining questions.

In response to serious bug, Saurik disables purchases in Cydia Store

Saurik (Jay Freeman) was forced to make a tough decision involving the Cydia Store on Thursday after receiving troubling news from concerned developers in the jailbreak community.

As it would seem, a severe bug discovered in the platform by Andy Wiik could have enabled arbitrary Cydia Store package purchases via users’ PayPal accounts if they were logged into a Cydia account with a linked PayPal account and browsing potentially malicious third-party repositories in the app.