Infiniboard Brings Vertical Scrolling to Your iPhone Springboard

Chpwn is one of my favorite jailbreak devs because he creates really useful apps and mods that just make your iPhone experience better. He worked with Ryan Petrich on ProSwitcher, he developed InfiniDock, and today, he just released InfiniBoard. InfiniBoard is a jailbreak application that simply brings vertical scrolling to your iPhone springboard. It lets you add as many icons as you wish to any page, and access them by flicking up and down. I’ve played with InfiniBoard for about an hour now and it works as described. The way I went about it is that instead of moving my icons one by one to a page, I used MultiIconMover to move all my icons at once. It saved me lots of time. On the springboard, I left my first and second page of apps with 12 icons per page. These are the apps I use the most and I wanted to keep part of my springboard “clean”. On the third page, I added every other application so I can just browse through them by scrolling vertically.

I’ll have to test InfiniBoard on a longer period of time to figure out if I like it or not. So far, I think it’s worth the $1.99. What do you think?


  1. I can’t find it in Cydia! WTF….is like saying…HEY I GOT THE CURE TO CANCER but not sharing it with anyone!!

  2. This is SWEET! I loved Infinidock, im sure i’ll love this.

    BTW, Whats the theme you’re using in the screenshots?

  3. I love this I got it like hrs Avis and I love I’m using all ma apps into one page and I didn’t have to buy it lol

  4. @alex I had the same problem not finding it, but after I did a big update with cydia I was able to find it. The update should just pop up. Hope it helps!! I LOVE INFINIBOARD!! just something else that makes the iPhone better.

  5. I can’t move my icons, they’ll wiggle but won’t let me move them.

    Can u still create folders in infiniboard?

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