Find Text On Any Web Page With “Find In Page” App

On my daily browsing of new Cydia applications, I came across an app called “Find In Page”. Reading the description of the app, I wasn’t really sure what was the purpose of it. But then, I saw a screenshot and it totally made sense. Now that I think about it, I’m kinda retarded for not figuring out what this app was about just by reading its name…

As its name suggests, Find In Page is an application that will help you find any text on any web page in Safari. This is a feature I’ve been expecting for a while so I didn’t think twice about installing this application and putting it to the test.

Installing Find In Page will not add any icon to your springboard but instead, it will add a bookmark called “Find In Page” in your Safari bookmarks. Now every time you visit a page in Safari and you’re looking for a specific word, simply open your bookmarks and tap “Find In Page”. This will bring up a window asking you to type the text you’re looking for.

In this example, we’re looking for the word “ringtone” in the post that I wrote yesterday about Audiko. Tap OK and it will then tell you how many results were found.

Again, tap OK to acknowledge the amount of matches found and it will then give you a version of the page you’re looking at with all the words you’re looking for highlighted in yellow.

This is a very powerful feature when you’re looking for a specific word on a long web page. No doubt that I will be using this app from time to time.

However, I wish the developer of this app had pushed it a little further and added the ability to go to the “next” match found or “previous” match found, just like your web browser (or any text editing software) can do on your computer.

Have you downloaded this application yet? If so, please tell us what you think in the comments.