New iPhone gamepad flaunts Bluetooth 4.0 and solar power

By Cody Lee on Dec 23, 2012

The iPhone gamepad space is starting to get a little crowded these days, mostly thanks to Kickstarter. It seems like every week now we see a new controller pop up on the crowd-funded site promising to be better than the last.

But so far, none of them have managed to go mainstream — outside of maybe the iCade line — meaning it’s still anyone’s game. And this week, Justice Frangipane and crew decided to throw their hats into the proverbial ring… Read More


The WynCASE: an interesting take on the iOS gamepad

By Cody Lee on Dec 12, 2012

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “ugh, not another iOS gamepad! We’ve seen dozens of these already and they’re either too expensive, too bulky, or too complicated.” And you’re right, we’ve seen a number of these things, and most of them fit that description.

But what if I were to tell you that this new gamepad called the WynCASE was different? What if I told you that it was inexpensive, extremely thin, and didn’t require a Bluetooth connection or batteries? Does any of this pique your interest? Good. Keep reading… Read More


Meet KOLOS, the world’s first iPad gaming wheel

By Cody Lee on Nov 9, 2012

We’ve seen a number of gamepads built for iOS devices over the years, but this has to be the first time we’ve ever seen an iPad gaming wheel. In fact, the developers of the KOLOS say it’s the first of its kind.

The KOLOS is a tabletop steering wheel that cradles your iPad and uses its built-in accelerometer to give you a more realistic gaming experience when playing titles like Real Racing and Need for SpeedRead More


The legendary carnage racing game Carmageddon hits iOS, free today only

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 17, 2012

Carmageddon, a classic arcade racing game inspired by the 1975 cult classic movie Death Race 2000, won many recognition and awards, earning its notoriety for graphical violence stemming from the carnage concept: the locals stay out on the streets at their peril and you run over or  smash into them with your automotive killing machine.

As you could imagine, Carmageddon was banned around the world, which only helped fuel its popularity. I was a little bit taken aback that Apple actually allowed such a title into its puritanic App Store environment (maybe because the concept calls for borderline comedy violence?). I’ve included a trailer, a video interview with developers and some screenies right after the break… Read More


iMpulse: an iOS gamepad that fits on your keychain

By Cody Lee on Oct 17, 2012

It seems like iOS game controllers are a dime a dozen these days. There’s the iControlPad 2, the iCade 8-Bitty and the Bladepad, to name a few. But we still haven’t seen a single controller pull ahead of the pack.

And that’s a good thing — at least for accessory-makers anyway. It means that the controller market is still anyone’s game. That being said, we’ve got another one to show you today, and it’s called the iMpulse… Read More


iControlPad 2: an open source gamepad with built-in keyboard

By Cody Lee on Sep 16, 2012

The iControlPad was one of the first iPhone-compatible game controllers to hit the market. It was a bit bulky, and didn’t garner much developer support. But nevertheless, it was a pioneer.

Well it looks like the folks behind the accessory, Product 3 LLC, haven’t been resting on their laurels. They just announced the new iControlPad 2, and it comes with a host of new features… Read More


The new coco controller isn’t your average iOS gamepad

By Cody Lee on Aug 14, 2012

The physical game controller space for iOS is still up for grabs. There are some nice options already on the market, sure. But none of them have really managed to stand out, or pull ahead of the pack.

That’s why we continue to see new iOS controllers pop up all the time — it’s still anyone’s game. And as you’ve probably already gleaned from the title, we’ve got another one to show you.

The coco controller, by Milkshake Labs, is a new gamepad for iOS devices (and a few Android handsets). On the surface, it looks like your average controller. But it’s definitely not… Read More


Introducing Bladepad, the detachable iPhone gamepad

By Cody Lee on Aug 6, 2012

A few days ago we asked the question, “Should Apple build a game controller?” It was a pretty fair question, considering that the graphics in iOS titles are getting closer and closer to console-quality, but the gameplay isn’t.

We’ve seen several accessory-makers try to remedy this problem by building physical gamepads, but none of them have managed to gain consumer traction. The new Gamepad, however, is hoping to change that… Read More


Kickstarter project turns your iOS device into an old-school game console

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 5, 2012

If the iCade Mobile game accessory isn’t your thing and you’re a retro type, consider the GameDock, a cool new Kickstarter project which turns your iPhone into an old-school TV-based game console. It’s simple, really: the GameDock, as the name suggests, is a game dock-like accessory where you plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, akin to a game cartridge.

You can also pair your device with it over Bluetooth. It includes video output and comes equipped with an USB game controller with physical buttons and an HDMI adapter… Read More


Awesome NES Game Controller Concept for the iPhone

By Cody Lee on Jan 12, 2012

If the current batch of iPhone gaming accessories just aren’t doing it for you, perhaps this one will. This two-piece iPhone attachment essentially morphs your handset into a game controller that’ll remind you of the good old days.

But there’s more than nostalgia here. The NES-inspired controller actually looks like it could be the gaming add-on we’ve been waiting for. And although it’s still in the concept stage, the creator is working on bringing this thing to life… Read More