Ensure your iPhone’s screen stays dim during phone calls with DimInCall

By Cody Lee on May 25, 2013

Have you ever been in the middle of a phone call on your iPhone and noticed your cheek was pressing buttons? Sure, there’s a proximity sensor there that’s supposed to keep this from happening. But any kind of jostling can thwart its efforts.

Luckily there’s a jailbreak tweak that can help with this problem. DimInCall, by developer snakeninny, will automatically dim your screen when it detects your iPhone has established a call connection. And it’ll keep it dim until the call is over… Read More


SMS on GV integrates Google Voice SMS into your Messages app

By Cody Lee on May 23, 2013

Avid Google Voice users will be happy to hear that there’s a new jailbreak tweak out that integrates Google’s SMS service into the stock Messages app. We’ve seen tweaks like this before, such as SMS GV Extension. But to my knowledge, none of them made it to iOS 6.

The tweak we’re going to be talking about today, however, does support iOS 6 (as well as later versions). It’s called SMS on GV, and like the others we’ve seen, it allows you to send and receive text messages using your Google Voice account from within Messages… Read More


Create shortcuts for up to 7 of your favorite apps with SubIc0ns

By Cody Lee on May 21, 2013

There’s no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that allow you to quickly access your favorite apps. I can think of a few right off the top of my head including Axis, Grabby, and JellyLock. And today, we’ve got another one to add to the list.

SubIc0ns, by developer ClausCartel, is a new tweak that allows you to add up to 7 app shortcuts to a hidable window that can be accessed via any Activator function. This gives you quick access to these apps from anywhere in iOS… Read More


Give your iPhone a gorgeous makeover with iMIUI

By Cody Lee on May 16, 2013

A few days ago, we were contacted by one of the developers of a jailbreak theme I had never heard of before called iMIUI. In the email they told us that we just had to check out their theme, saying it could be the next ayecon.

Given that Surenix’s ayecon theme is easily the most popular in the jailbreak community right now, that’s a pretty bold statement. But after using iMIUI over the past few days, I’m starting to think they might just be right… Read More


LockBar Settings Lite adds hidden toggles to your Lock screen

By Cody Lee on May 15, 2013

It’s tough sometimes to get excited about a jailbreak tweak that performs the exact same function as several others before it. Today’s tweak, for example, adds system toggles to your Lock screen. I can’t even count how many others there are that do this.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore LockBar Settings Lite all together. In fact, it’s actually a pretty handy little utility. You see, its toggles stay hidden on your Lock screen until you swipe up, or double tap, on the ‘slide to unlock’ bar to reveal them… Read More


See who you’re talking to with Messages Conversation Photos

By Cody Lee on May 15, 2013

If you’re looking for a jailbreak tweak that embeds your contact photos into your native Messages app, there’s several options to choose from. Just off the top of my head, I can think of Copic, ChatPic, and xMessages.

Today, we’re adding another one to the pile with Messages Conversation Photos. And like the others, it takes the images from your contact list and applies them to your messaging threads in the default Messages app… Read More


Cydia Substrate makes its way to Android [Video]

By Jeff Benjamin on May 14, 2013

Big news in the world of Mobile Substrate, but oddly enough, it has nothing to do with iOS and everything to do with Android. Yes, you heard right, Android. The creator behind Cydia and Mobile Substrate, Saurik, has released Substrate for Android, and he’s created a brand new website to document the new addition to the family.

What does this mean for Android users? It means many of your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks could make it to Android, (WinterBoard is already available!) with the potential for many more… Read More


Perform calculations on the fly with Calculator for Velox

By Cody Lee on May 14, 2013

It seems like developers are really enjoying making add-ons for Velox. The jailbreak tweak was released a little over a week ago, and already we’ve seen several extensions for it like Addial, Compass and App Store.

Today we’ve got another one for you, called Calculator for Velox. And as you’ve probably already guessed by now, it provides you with Home screen access to your Calculator app… Read More


App Store for Velox puts app searches a swipe away

By Cody Lee on May 13, 2013

Just as we had hoped, developers seem to be really taking their ideas for Velox add-ons and running with them. We’ve already seen a number of extensions for the popular Spring board jailbreak tweak, including Addial and Compass.

And today, we’ve got another one to show you called App Store for Velox. As the name implies, the add-on utilizes Velox’s enhanced folder feature to allow you to search the App Store for iOS applications from your Home screen… Read More


How to bypass the outgoing video size limit in Messages

By Cody Lee on May 13, 2013

Have you ever noticed that, by default, you can’t send videos from the Messages app longer than three and a half minutes? It’s a precautionary thing, so users don’t unknowingly eat up their monthly data allotments by sending large clips.

But some folks out there still have unlimited data plans, and would like to be able to send longer videos via a text or iMessage. And for those of you who fall into that category, we’ve come across a few easy workarounds to that size limit… Read More


Message Send Percent is a status indicator for your outgoing messages

By Cody Lee on May 13, 2013

We try to cover as many new jailbreak tweaks as we can here at iDB, from game-changers like Velox to the smallest of UI changes. And this next one we’re going to be talking about definitely falls in the latter category.

Message Send Percent, by developer greensnow, is a simple little UI tweak that adds a percentage indicator to your Messages app. This enables you to get a more precise readout on the progress of your outgoing messages… Read More


Kill apps in a single swipe with Slide2Kill

By Cody Lee on May 12, 2013

Like Sebastien, I uninstalled the popular jailbreak tweak Auxo earlier this year. Though beautifully designed, the app switcher replacement felt a little too bloated for me, and I was convinced that it made my iPhone slower.

I do miss a few of Auxo’s features though, like its revamped iPod controls and the ability to swipe down on an app icon to close it out of the switcher. But luckily, a new tweak just came out that takes care of the latter for me… Read More


Quickly clear your Messages text field with Triple Tap To Clear

By Cody Lee on May 11, 2013

Inputting text on the iPhone can be a tedious task. It’s not so much the typing. But due to limited display space, editing can be irksome. It seems like doing things such as copying or deleting text are more complicated than they need to be.

Case in point, try typing a lengthy message in your Messages app. Now delete the whole thing. As it stands, the fastest way to do this is to tap on your text, ‘Select All’ and then delete it. But as with most things in iOS, it could always be faster…. Read More


Customize the look of your Home screen icons with Athena

By Cody Lee on May 11, 2013

Folks who enjoy customizing their iOS devices, but hate overweight theming apps like WinterBoard, might want to check out Athena. The new jailbreak tweak, developed by SuperDev, allows you to completely change the look of your Home screen icons.

Want dark icons? No problem. Want pink icons? No problem. Athena has a wide array of settings that enable you to change nearly everything about the color attributes of your app icons, providing you with seemingly endless customization options… Read More


‘Secretary’ reads you your messages and missed notifications

By Cody Lee on May 8, 2013

Looking for a new way to sort through notifications on your iPhone? If so, you might want to check out Secretary, a new jailbreak tweak that will read your notifications aloud to you upon connecting your device to a Bluetooth speaker or headset.

Once activated, the tweak can tell you how many unchecked missed phone calls and messages you have, as well as the number of impending calendar events. It can also read your text messages aloud to you using text-to-speech, similar to Siri… Read More


Show off your taste in music with FullScreen Album Art

By Cody Lee on May 6, 2013

Have you been looking for a way to spruce up your iPhone’s Lock screen, without needing to install a bulky tweak like WinterBoard? If so, you might consider giving FullScreen Album Art by jailbreak developer bushe a shot.

The tweak’s name completely gives away it’s one and only function, which is to enlarge the album art image on your device’s Lock screen while you’re listening to music. That way, you can show off your favorite music while you rock out… Read More


Photo Organizer Pro is out with new features, better iPad support and more

By Cody Lee on May 6, 2013

Good news Photo Organizer fans. The developer lordscotland has listened to your feedback, and has subsequently posted an update to the app with new features, sort options and more. Actually, he rolled the update into a whole new tweak.

The original Photo Organizer, which was released back in February, is a simple tweak that allows you to copy, delete and rearrange pictures in the stock Photos app. And the Pro version is exactly like that, but with a few more options… Read More


FullScroll hides the title bar when scrolling in third party apps

By Cody Lee on May 6, 2013

It seems like well-known jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has been extremely busy as of late. Earlier today, we told you that his new Do Not Disturb tweak ‘Luna’ landed on Cydia. And now we’ve got another one to show you.

Have you ever noticed when scrolling in an app like Chrome or Facebook, the title bar (top of an app that contains text or buttons) disappears? It’s kind of cool, right? Well with FullScroll, you can make all of your apps do it… Read More


Velox updated with new activation method and several bug fixes

By Cody Lee on May 5, 2013

Velox, arguably one of this year’s most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks, finally landed in Cydia this weekend after what seemed like several weeks of waiting. Initial feedback for the tweak has been mostly praise, but there have been some scattered reports of bugs.

Of course, bugs are typical in first-version software releases, as are the bug-squashing ’0.1′ updates that follow them. And today, Velox has received its 0.1 update that includes a new, double-tap activation method, and a handful of other improvements and bug fixes… Read More


Velox now available on Cydia

By Cody Lee on May 4, 2013

Good news folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Velox — the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that allows you to interact with your Home screen icons to access notifications, quick functions, and more — is now available on Cydia for download.

Last month, we brought you a sneak preview of Velox. And with more than 100,000 views, it seems like many of you agree with us on how useful this tweak could be, and are looking forward to trying it out. Well today, we’re happy to report that you finally can… Read More

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