Unc0ver with A12(X) support moves on to internal testing as public release looms

It was only a few days ago that Pwn20wnd teased that significant progress had been made on adding full A12(X) device support to the unc0ver jailbreak tool, and as it would seem, we’re now closer than ever to a public release.

Pwn20wnd took to Twitter this afternoon to share that unc0ver with A12(X) device support had entered the internal testing phases, and assuming everything goes smoothly with this phase of testing, the first official public release could follow shortly after:

The Tweet, shared first by the official ‘unc0ver Team’ Twitter account and later Retweeted by Pwn20wnd himself, showcased the Cydia package manager app running on an A12X-powered iPhone XS Max (iPhone11,6).

We know that unc0ver’s upcoming support for A12(X) won’t incorporate Cydia Substrate because Saurik couldn’t get it to work on Apple’s latest hardware. With that in mind, unc0ver for A12(X) will instead bundle a custom version of Substitute such that jailbreak tweaks can be installed and used by the end user.

There’s still no firm ETA for release, but we expect that internal testing should only take a few days at most before the first public beta or public release goes live. With that in mind, a little bit more patience is certain to pay off for those who’ve been waiting patiently.

Are you excited about an opportunity to jailbreak your A12(X) device(s) with unc0ver? Discuss in the comments section below.