According to Apple itself, using iOS 11’s much improved Control Center to toggle off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does not fully disable them.

In a support document published today on its website, Apple explains that toggling off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by tapping their corresponding icons in the new Control Center still leaves the radios on for features like AirDrop, AirPlay, Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch and Location Services.

In iOS 11 and later, toggling the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth switches in Control Center off will immediately disconnect the device from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessories, but both radios will continue to be available for:

  • AirDrop
  • AirPlay
  • Apple Pencil
  • Apple Watch
  • Continuity features, like Handoff and Instant Hotspot
  • Instant Hotspot
  • Location Services

When Wi-Fi is disabled, as denoted by the dimmed Wi-Fi icon in Control Center, the Auto-Join feature for any nearby Wi-Fi networks also gets disabled until:

  • You turn on Wi-Fi in Control Center
  • You manually connect to a Wi-Fi network in Settings → Wi-Fi
  • You walk or drive to a new location
  • It’s 5am local time
  • You restart your device

Similarly, when you toggle the Bluetooth icon in Control Center, you will no longer be able to connect the device to any Bluetooth accessories until:

  • You turn on Bluetooth in Control Center
  • You connect to a Bluetooth accessory in Settings → Bluetooth
  • It’s 5am local time
  • You restart your device

So there you have it.

TUTORIAL: How to completely disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11

To completely disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for all networks and devices, slide the toggles in Settings → Wi-Fi and Settings → Bluetooth to the OFF position.


  • steevensk

    My main problem with this is that once Bluetooth is ‘disabled’ in the control center I am not able to ‘enable’ it back via Siri as Siri says that BT is already enabled. The other concern is battery life of course.

    • Vasu Chawla

      i guess, battery should not be an issue, it uses bluetooth lite, which has low impact on energy.. atleast thats what the mouths say 🙂

  • Douglas Goh

    I don’t entirely agree with this reason or excuse for making the toggles as such. Clearly, it is a business move to coerce consumers into Apple’s ecosystem. However, there is a substantial number of people who clearly have no use for their features.

    I think consumers should have a choice with how they want to use their device. They can choose whether to disconnect or completely turn off the radios. At least that option should be granted. When the radios are on, the radios are on and picking up new networks. It doesn’t matter what activates the connection. Power is wasted on keeping the modules on. By the way, my Apple Watch was still tethered to my iPhone after I toggle the Bluetooth off.

    I am sure there are many people out there who are finding this a nuisance and come forth to say to Apple, listen to your customers.

    • enz1ey

      What? How is disabling or enabling WiFi about keeping customers in their ecosystem?

      And you do realize you can still disable the radios in the settings app, right? These toggles are meant to be used for quick yet temporary actions. It has nothing to do with a “business move” at all.

      “… there is a substantial number of people who clearly have no use for their features.”

      Please tell me how substantial the number of people who own a smartphone yet don’t use WiFi or Bluetooth really is.

      • Peter Thorburn

        “These toggles are meant to be used for quick yet temporary actions.”

        And here I thought they were to give quick access to common features, with no hint that they’re temporary. I mean, where on this does it hint that this would be a temporary thing? This is a ridiculous “feature” that is completely counter-intuitive. The only logical meaning behind putting an on/off toggle for wifi/bluetooth is that this will turn them completely off. It’s completely unrealistic to expect users to think that it’s doing anything less than this, and any defense of this is pure Apple-apologism.

      • mickey

        I agree here. If anything there should be a further 3D Touch menu to access networks and toggle on/off. I personally rarely ever turn off WiFi or Bluetooth but from a design perspective control center has become very unintuitive and inconsistent in regards to secondary menus with 3D Touch.

      • Douglas Goh

        Taking away the freedom to disable/enable radios on the fly isn’t part of the business plan? So that people will want to get HomePod, Apple Watch, etc, “to improve user experience”? I don’t think so.

        Yes, we can still disable the radios in Settings, but how many layers of interface do I need to go through to do one simple action?

        If you do a search engine now, you can find plenty of people complaining of this feature. Do you use Wifi in the subway or office where your activity may be tracked? Do you use an Apple Watch for the entire time you are at home?

        There are already people who cite and prove security concerns for leaving these radios on even though their devices aren’t connected to any network. There is nothing to wrong to configure the toggles as such, but Apple should at least give its consumers the power of choice. Android does that very well in my opinion.

  • AMB_07

    So in other words my iPhone is still wasting more power away, neat.

    • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

      Time to get an Android, boyo! There’s plenty of options available!

      • :D

        Shut up

  • Daniel Moura

    I hate I can’t disable the internet over the toggle. Makes me angry. I’ve to manually go to settings and disable. F**k

    • Vasu Chawla

      you can now! in iOS 11

      • M_Hawke

        Your answer doesn’t make any sense.

  • NoDrawllz

    Good idea…bad implementation

    • Vasu Chawla

      any suggestions sir, for how it should have been implemented?

      i am interested to know.

      • Peter Thorburn

        It should have its own button that indicates what it’s doing. I’m not sure what form that would take, but just reusing the well-established on/off toggle is mindbogglingly stupid.

      • There should be a setting to decide if you want the Control Center toggles to be “off with these exceptions” or “truly off” with the default being the latter. That way if you want those exceptions you can opt in. Simple as that.

    • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

      Bad idea, bad implementation. Crapple is going down the toilet. Good, let them.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I’ve had the beta since June and I hate it. Since its still technically on, isn’t it searching for something to connect to, and thus using power/battery?

    • enz1ey

      It’s actually inconsequential really. Bluetooth won’t be “searching” for a device to pair unless you’re in the Bluetooth screen in the settings app.

      • nova12

        That can’t be right. When I get in my car and fire it up, my phone and car pair without me in the settings app.

        That said, I always have WiFi and Bluetooth on and my battery does fine … though I’m never far from a charger (car, desk, end table, nightstand).

      • Dan Knight

        Your car is a remembered device.

      • nova12

        right, but doesn’t that mean that, at some level, my phone BT is regularly scanning for other devices (remembered or otherwise)?

        I’m not tech savvy by any means, so I don’t know. But that’s how I picture it in my head.

    • poffuomo

      Didn’t Apple specify that, for instance with Wi-Fi, the device won’t be actively searching for new networks or even connecting to existing networks? What remain on are just the AirPlay and AirDrop features, the AirPods connectivity, …
      It’s not like the Control Central toggle doesn’t work anymore at all and the Wi-Fi still works as before toggling it.

  • TechnoBuff

    Apple seems to be doing a lot of explanation of things that aren’t working well lately considering issues that should have been caught during the public betas for months now. The list is growing.. from the mail app issues to the Apple Watch LTE and not forgetting the FaceID error. Seems some ideas aren’t being thought through properly. I always believe that whenever a product is announced months before release surely means some kinks are still being worked out.

    • M_Hawke

      Seems this is happening more all too frequently post-Jobs era.

  • Francisco Malja

    Bad idea…. i would like yo take full control of the things i need or not ! Drains the Battery too. I always upgrade the New iOS system… iOS 11 not f me. They quit the 3D gesture of the multitaskig… i love this feature

    • Matt

      Bluetooth definitely does not really drain much battery anymore & the feature was removed because an even easier gesture was added to the iPhone X

      • Mad Damon

        Why not leave the old 3D gesture in there for non X iPhones?
        The UX of the iPhone X is completely different anyway…

        The new toggle behavior is a security risk and another stupid move from Apple towards lazy users.

      • Matt

        Apple could have left that in there, but I think Apple took it out, not to force an upgrade but to rather differentiate between the gesture based phones from the non gesture ones

      • Mad Damon

        But the OS is still very much gesture based…

      • Matt

        Apple is adding the gesture back… merry Christmas

      • Mad Damon

        And to you, sir!

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I completely agree.

      • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

        Bluetooth doesn’t, wifi does. Any naysayers can naysay all they want. When I very rarely forget to turn my wifi off, it drains my battery. I don’t need someone behind a keyboard telling me otherwise, most likely a fanboy in denial or an apple shill.

      • Matt

        Definitely a fan of Apple, but if you’re not don’t get the phone lol. I haven’t turned off my WiFi ever

      • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

        I’m a fan of Apple and I already have the iPhone SE. I always turn my wifi off because I always experience a drop in battery life when I forget to turn it off, whereas I seem to save quite a bit when I do. People often say it doesn’t affect battery life to a degree where you should worry, but my personal experience, along with millions of others, definitely differ.

      • Dan Knight

        Millions? No. For most it seems there’s nothing but a negligible effect.

      • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

        Your word against mine.

      • Mad Damon

        Wifi can definitely drain the battery; but experiences may vary on overall battery health and location/movement through hotspots.

        You can still access the “real” toggle through force touching the settings app, so it’s not that big of a deal.
        What get’s under my skin is people letting Apple slide on stupid decisions. The less you buy into their ecosystem, the more you get punished for not giving them all your money. (Wasn’t always that bad. And It’s getting worse every year.)
        They could have easily found a way to attend to both the hardcore lazy fanboys (Apple Watch, Airpods, “Don’t care about security”) and the more tech-savvy users that prefer control/security over convenience.

      • mickey

        Drop in battery life while using data but with WiFi on (disconnected)?

      • Mike Lambert

        WiFi may drain your battery quicker if the “ask to join networks” toggle is on. It’s aggressively searching for WiFi then.

        Check the Settings/Battery Usage chart to see what apps are draining the most battery as well Facebook

        While swiping all apps off when not in use is not recommended, by all means kill that FB app. You’ll see a major improvement.

      • deecee

        I don’t give a shot of Bluetooth drain much battery any more when I toggle that switch I want it off. Just that.

    • Ike Gold

      You can still turn it off it’s just a control center feature. Just go to settings and turn it off like normal. Besides this makes a lot of sense I still want airdrop on

      • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

        Most people don’t want to go back to iOS 6 days where they have to do it from the settings app every time.

      • David Burch

        Most people don’t care that it doesn’t fully turn the radios off and would rather have these features all the time.

      • poffuomo

        I agree with @disqus_cjPhXFnPjC:disqus , what’s the issue in daily, casual iPhone use in having the radios on?

      • deecee

        Half the battery life.

      • poffuomo

        I really don’t think so. If you are using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi you are already using more battery. I don’t think the additional usage because of the radios not fully turned off will have a great impact.

      • iMike

        you are an idiot dear poffuomo. I want to simply way to disable everything that I do not need and not go 2-3 level deep in the settings to do simple things. I would like to use my f*** phone for calls and emails. So, I want to simple way to turn off: bluetooth, wifi, and mobile data and operate my iPhone for almost a week with a single charge. I even use my iPhone in black and white meaning the colors are also turned off and I need to go 5-6 level deep to turn it off and on. For daily usage I do not need even colors and I am happy if I could gain half day or few hours more. I also swith on airplane mode for the night. I know that you and 95% of human beings need bluetooth and wifi and mobile data and stay connected at 2 am, but for me it is not needed. I think this is the time to invent my own “smart” phone with own OS on it. One more thing to poffuomo: your comments looks as smart as your picture and what an idiot nickname is this?

      • poffuomo

        lol every single word of your comment screams “I am an idiot”

      • YourFace

        Yes but I don’t want WiFi still on when I’m not near a WiFi network that I don’t trust.

      • poffuomo

        I see, although I wouldn’t call it a typical use case for an average user

      • deecee

        You can think what you want thousands of real users will tell you different. One way I am on iOS 10.1.1 and runs the iPhone 6s for 2 days between charge, next I am on iOS 11 barely getting by a single day on a charge. Why even give the control center option of one has to dig though the setting to turn the damned thing off? Also as far as WiFi vs LTE, LTE connection enters a connected state with no resource allocation when theee is no active connection. WiFi run a power assessment far more frequent and had no concept of a bearer reconnect at the protocol later. So LTE is far more energy efficient when not active tx or rx.

      • poffuomo

        I can think what I want, indeed, but you can do the same. Thousands of users may say what they want, but still you should accept that someone has different points of view.
        Also I think you still didn’t get the point of the new behavior of the control centre option.
        Have you tried iOS 11 with the new control center when you’ve say 1 day vs 2 or it’s just an estimation?

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        When an average user toggles the OFF button, he/she would want/assume that feature is turned OFF. This is just deception.

      • poffuomo

        Indeed, but from an high level user point of view, what does he/she wants to turn off? The connection to the current and future wifi networks. This is what happens even now when the user toggle the icon in the control center.
        The user does NOT want to turn off AirDrop or AirPlay or something like this when he/she toggles the off button. For these, there are separate controls.

        Prior to the new behaviour, there was simply no way to turn off the connection to wifi networks while still maintaining Continuity or the connection with the Apple Watch. Now there’s is.

      • deecee

        Not true at all, you have no idea how LTE stack work do you? On a connect idle state, LTE is far more power efficient than WiFi.

      • poffuomo this is what I read on there on the Apple website, iOS section, tips to optimise battery usage. And it’s been like this since years

      • deecee

        If you have perfect wifi connection, sure, I don’t sit in a perfect wifi spot all day long, far from it. LTE coverage are getting better everyday, also there is no such think as connect idle state on wifi.

      • Mr_Coldharbour


        1) the fact that when something says off, it should actually be off.
        2) battery drains
        3) accidentally connecting to devices the user intentionally doesn’t want to connect to at a given time
        4) potential devices hacks/hijacking because of neglecting to turn things off at a given time. (i.e. Security).

      • poffuomo

        1) really? So what about the motion co-processor which stays on even when the iPhone is completely turned off? Isn’t it a scandal?
        2) have you tried and you have measurements about it?
        3) when the control center toggle is off, the iPhone will not accidentally connect to anything, even if the wifi radios are still on for other uses (e.g. AirDrop)
        4) how many iPhone hijackings have you heard of recently?

        If there was no bright sides, why do you think they introduced this behaviour?
        Prior to this update there was simply no way to maintain the connection to Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, AirPlay, … while disconnecting from wifi networks for internet connection and from Bluetooth devices. Now there is a way. Also remember that you can still turn them off completely from the settings.

      • deecee

        Are you serious, I have never ever simply want to disconnect from the current blue tooth device or WiFi access point. If I toggle I want the damn radios off. Might as well leave WiFi and blue tooth off the control center.

      • MacServiceGuy

        no @disqus_cjPhXFnPjC:disqus – MOST people want to be able to turn their damn wifi off from a control center.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Well thank heavens that we’re not “most people.” Most people also want to be millionaires and have houses made out of gold but you don’t see money falling from the sky and architects building houses out of gold now do you?

  • Bolle Photographia StudioBoss

    its a not working part. so explaining and not fixing it , doesnt help! we will get soom 11.1 as always happens…

  • andrei endriu

    It’s 5 am local time ?? Why

    • Keith

      “It’s 5 am and I must be lonely”

  • Amac25

    So stupid. Turning it off should be turn it off!

    • Jay

      Yea just like computers and cars. Just kidding they stay on buy keeping the time accurate and listening for key fobs.. I dont think anything really turns off all the way any more…

      • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

        Wow, compare apples to oranges why don’t you.

      • Jay

        Okay, you’re right. I should’ve compared it to turning traction control off in a car. Some cars will disable it completely while others just minimize it. Or when you turn your brightness all the way down very very few devices turn the backlight completely off.. better?

      • Mad Damon


        Compare it to the door to your home. Because that’s what it is.
        You open it, when you want someone to come in. You close it, when you don’t. You don’t leave it half open all the time, because it’s easier.
        (There are so many bluetooth and wifi exploits coming out every year, it’s not even funny…)

      • Jay

        A door, That’s even worse of a comparison.

      • Mad Damon


      • CottageIndustry


      • Mad Damon

        You’ve convinced me.

  • VirusZer0

    that must the the stupidest “feature” of iOS 11 thus far… smh

  • avatar

    “It’s 5am local time” what is that all about?

    • :)

      Tim Cook wakes at 3.45, so it’s useful to him.

  • TheHatedMonsterofSociety

    Ha, looks like I’m sticking with iOS 10 then. And when my phone inevitably slows down, if Apple doesn’t restore full functionality to the control center, OR they don’t make it to where automatic connecting remains disabled until you manually turn it back on, I’ll just get an Android. They’re cheaper and have more features anyway.

    • Dan Knight

      I feel you’re going to change platforms over something like this, you’re in for a ride. All platforms have features the user doesn’t ideally want. You can go back and forth. Crazy but get used to it.

      • M_Hawke

        Why do we have to be forced to “get used to it” for anything? Especially when we invest big bucks for our iPhones? Why is it so difficult to create something intuitive or to leave conveniences and good features alone?

  • Icebox766

    This is batty. There should be an option in settings allowing a choice between this behavior and total off when using control center. Since most of those things don’t apply to me, its must stupid to have it minimally on.

    • David

      I would agree Icebox. People who have Air Drop, Apple watch or Air Pencil can enable the tool as they want. But most common iPhone users would like to have the capability to have control of features that we use and we can change. Isn’t this why Apple is so appreciated over MicroSoft?

  • jw

    So.. you need to tap + swipe + tap + tap instead of swipe + tap + swipe etc.. IF you don’t want to go with the new default.
    Seriously, why are people getting so upset over this? Yes, things change. No, your thumb won’t wear out.

    • Peter Thorburn

      Because it’s completely unintuitive and is poorly designed. It’d be like having a normal light switch (labelled on/off) in the normal convenient spot in a room that when you used it the lights just dimmed, and to actually turn them off you would have to find another switch hidden somewhere far less convenient. It’s bad design, and also deceptive since it’s not doing what it says (or implies) it is doing.

  • :D

    I really like this change since I find myself switching between mobile data and WiFi all the time, and I sometimes toggle the Bluetooth to disconnect from Bluetooth headphones although this inadvertently disconnects my watch too.

    Most people seem to hate this though so an option would have been good.

  • Federico Ratti

    Something a cripple monkey on drugs would design.

  • Jesus

    Hmm. Why 05:00 AM? Is that for iCloud backup, that would make sence for Wi-Fi, but not bluetooth.

  • John Adams

    They should include the option to deep press and then allow user to turn on/off and stay on/off.

  • Salmaan Faiz Khan

    its supposed to make things easier not harder. Now it takes more taps just to fully disable Bluetooth and Wifi! Why!?

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    In short, new CC is a scam.

  • Θεόδωρος Μιχαήλ

    So now the toggles are useless for me… Great.

  • Bard

    Before the update I could read articles on the Internet via Safari and simply switch on flight mode on and not be disturbed. After reading I then turn flight mode off but now it makes me go to settings to turn mobile data on. Wtf? Plus after turning mobile data on it seems to turn itself off again despite only having turned flight mode off?

    Why is the mobile data turning itself off after I’ve turned it on in settings? Is that normal?

    When I don’t want any connectivity I used to have one button for that (flight mode) now it’s turned into a complete fiasco getting the phone to reconnect to my EE carrier.

    Plus you have to turn all the other icons like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off Because they turn themselves on when you turn on flight mode off. #annoying

    Is it possible to go back to the previous OS?

  • rocky deol

    It’s quite irritating in iphones but it works fine in the ipad; when i switch wifi off from cc, it really turns off completely. I had to downgrade my iphone to ios 10 due to this feature.

    I think they should improve the feature for iphones; by giving triple toggle ( wifi on – off – disabled)

  • W.Scicluna

    No good at all. Turning it off should mean that its completely off. At least provide a force touch option!

  • Cybmax

    As many has suggested before.. Make it so you can 3D/long press to actually turn it off..

  • deecee

    Dumbest change ever, does apple software team ever talk to real users?!

  • MacServiceGuy

    GUARANTEED: the first and biggest tweak of an ios11 jailbreak will be real control over wifi

    NOT upgrading past 11.0…

  • John Rodgers

    This is a feature that is not very wise or thought out for the masses by Apple. Control Center was designed to make things quicker and easier to control. I, like many other folks would like to just use Control Center instead of navigating deeper into the settings menu like back in the old days of IOS. My battery is getting drained by half day now because I keep forgetting that that the Control Center Bluetooth and Wifi widgets do not turn off the radios. I believe most people that have gotten accustomed to using Control Center(which is what Apple as wanted user to do) for quick access to these the things they most often use are now taking a step back in time for the two most heavily used apps within Control Center. Someone PLEASE tell Apple to return these two functions back to the Control Center.

  • M_Bogdan

    Bad ux is bas

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    What a complete boneheaded “feature.” If I toggle something off, I want it the turned the HELL OFF! Apple’s ways of treating the end-user like some kind of children is very demeaning and bothersome. I will not “accidentally” turn off Bluetooth or WiFi, I intentionally turn them off or on. Apple better address this in a future update otherwise what’s the point of having these toggles on CC?

    Glad I’m still on 10.3.3 on my 6S Plus. My wife’s 8 Plus on 11.0.1 faces the occasional hiccup with animations and now this. Add to the fact that they’re moved the 3D Touch app switcher feature, a true feature which I use hundreds of times a day. Another annoying thing in iOS 11 being that Notification Centre always defaults to the notifications view (2nd page of NC) instead of page1 being the widgets view which I use all the time and really my only use of NC, is to get a glance at the widgets screen.

    This wifi/Bluetooth business in iOS 11 is just pure deception. iOS 11 is just not for me.

  • Carren Stuart

    So these are both still running in the background therefore contributing to battery drain?

  • Divuar LaCroix

    Why 5 AM? What’s special about that time except anyone sleeps and it is the best time to gather information from the devices?

  • anna

    The worst part is that every time my phone dies or I re start it then the Bluetooth comes back on. If you want to do this for the people using iwatches and what not then add a separate iwatch feature for them to keep Bluetooth on and let the rest of us toggle it on and off only when we need it. It kills my battery and I never use it.

  • CottageIndustry

    So glad that Apple has decided I have been happily using my IPhone so incorrectly for so long.

  • WT

    It’s really nice of Apple to take this step back in time and make it more difficult to turn off wifi and Bluetooth. It was too convienient to be able to use the swip up menu. I’m sure Apple did this with snooping in mind. If some people are fooled into thinking that these things are turned off, but aren’t really, it’s probably easier for big brother Apple to keep tabs on you.

    Good job Apple, another great STUPID idea. I wonder what else you screwed up, oh sorry, “improved”. And what ever you do, don’t ever listen to your customers, don’t ever do something your customers want, you know best, we are too stupid.

  • Oliver199

    My bedroom stereo has a Bluetooth connection. If I’m using AirPlay in the house, my iPhone will flip back to my bedroom stereo if I get near the bottom of my stairs. This repeated in and out of range eventually crashes the Bluetooth module in my bedroom and I have to re-pair the next time I actually want to use it.
    To avoid this hassle, I used to simply toggle BT as I’m walking out of the bedroom via the control Center.
    Now I have to revisit IOS6 as I access to settings app to do in several swipes what only took four.
    This is a PITA.

  • truleeo

    We now maintain the lowest possible EMFs due to sensitive family members. We keep WIFI and Bluetooth OFF except for a few minutes if needed to update something.
    SO looks like we will not be upgrading to IOS11….
    This change also makes it difficult for children or elderly to handle things themselves. Using Control Center was easy.
    Question: If WIFI and Bluetooth are disabled in the Settings, will those pop on by themselves?

  • Reason2001

    Commie phone. I have ipod touch and this shit is annoying.