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It’s been nearly 2 months since Apple killed the iOS 8/8.1 jailbreak, and in that time we’ve seen the public release of iOS 8.2 and multiple betas of iOS 8.3. So with that in mind, along with the hundreds of questions we’ve received on the subject, we decided it was time to take a look at the current state of the jailbreak.


Before we start talking about iOS 8.2, it’s important to know how we got here. Apple released iOS 8 on September 17 of last year, and iOS 8.1 on October 20. By October 22nd, the Pangu team had released a jailbreak available for both firmwares.

Less than a month later, Apple released iOS 8.1.1, which effectively killed the Pangu jailbreak. But another Asian group of hackers, TaiG, swooped in to save the day, and rolled out a jailbreak that not only worked for 8.1.1, but also 8.1.2 as well.

Unfortunately, though, the TaiG jailbreak utility was only available for Windows, and that’s where the PP jailbreak came into play. On January 18, we confirmed that the PP software for Macs was able to jailbreak devices running iOS 8.1.2.

Then Apple released iOS 8.1.3, and once again reset our game.


We haven’t had a working jailbreak since Apple released iOS 8.1.3 on January 27 (unless you count iOS 8.2 beta 2), and we are now on iOS 8.2. There’s no word on when 8.2 will be jailbroken, and with iOS 8.3 already being tested by developers, it seems like we won’t be seeing anything for a while.

But there is hope. Over the weekend, Semaphore released a beta version of his downgrade-aiding tool TinyUmbrella. This is the first TU release we’ve seen in many, many months, and it’s believed it signals that we may soon be able to manually downgrade to jailbreakable firmware on our iOS devices—something we haven’t been able to do in years.

Even more promising is that the TaiG team has announced that it’s organizing a jailbreak convention of sorts, entitled ‘Mobile Security Summit,’ slated for March 27th. Rumor has it that the team may use the event to launch a new iOS 8.2 jailbreak, but even if that doesn’t materialize, the fact that some of the brightest hackers from around the world will be hanging out definitely works in our favor.


What does all of this mean? Nothing yet. It’s important to reiterate that there is currently no public jailbreak available for iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 or 8.3. So if you see someone on Twitter, a video on YouTube, or a website claiming otherwise, chances are it’s a scam. We report on jailbreak releases almost instantly here on iDB, even if it happens overnight, so you can bet that if something legit comes about, we’re on it.

All of this being said, the future of jailbreaking looks very bright. We now have multiple jailbreak teams in Asia working on exploits, and developers continue to update their classic tweaks and create new ones. So sit back, relax, and be sure to continue to check back with iDB for the latest in jailbreak news. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear any new developments.

  • Chris

    good post

  • Anmol Malhotra

    This line : ” We report on jailbreak releases almost instantly here on iDB, even if it happens overnight, so you can bet that if something legit comes about, we’re on it. ”

    Love you iDB. <3
    Keep up the hard work guys! 🙂

    • Waleed

      It used to happen before, they were the fastest to update, but now i hear the same news already somewhere on twitter, then iDB post the same update ! i mean the writters are getting a bit slow now, but anyways, loving iDb forever, i can’t stop visiting it daily every hour, i keep checking their Twitter account for updates

      • Micaiah Martin

        I wonder if they need to hire another enthusiastic journalist?

      • Ria1979

        Check @iphonehackx nearly identical posts.

      • @dongiuj

        That’s because everyone copies and pastes on tech blogs and occasionally alter the odd word here and there, I can’t speak for other genre though.

    • iDB FOR LIFE!

  • Manor

    I wish everyone would wait for the release of iOS 8.3 and then make the jailbreak public.

    • justme

      I already get the iOS8.3 beta 2 (ipsw) UUID free, from one site. then I updated to beta 3 via OTA without any problem.

      Now iOS8.3 beta3 runs very smooth and fast [mail,safari,music(with large ammount of songs), maps,imessage] on just the iPhone5
      The emoticons is something new, but a little confuse to select yet.
      battery has no improvements yet, drains in one day of normal use. (down to 20 or 25% at the final of the day).

      So, I waiting for a jailbreak tool for this iOS or maybe we’ll wait until public release. to see this TAIG rocking again! 🙂

      • Noah

        You don’t need to register your UDID anymore for iOS betas. Apple have everyone the chance to do so, it’s here written on iDB somewhere.

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Where can I register to upgrade to Beta 3?

      • Oscar Martin

        Whats the website please i want to update to ios 8.3

      • justme

        I can’t post external links here, but I’ll recomend you, look for iOS 8.3 beta 2 ipsw in google, you will able to find a page with all links to download the ipsw, install it, you don’t need to register in any program or page or whatever. when the iOS8.3beta2 has done, go to settings and update to beta3 via OTA (just 50mb to download). it will restart again and done. I do same thing on iPhone 5 and iPad 2

      • Oscar Martin

        Thank you but I already found way and just finished updating

      • justme


    • You are totally right about that and I didn’t even think about it that way in my rant above. If 8.3 will be out in a matter of weeks, why waste the exploit on 8.2 at this point?
      Guess I shouldn’t complain with how fast the recent jailbreaks are coming out, but it still worries me that they will run out of valuable exploits on every single iOS update.

      • John

        Don’t forget there’s also a rumoured 8.4 to be released before WWDC (June/July) so there’s that as well.

  • deepdvd

    “What does all of this mean? Nothing…”

    • Thunder Cats

      amen to this

  • Chang in Charge

    These Chinese hacker teams are relentless. I like how they roll screw major point releases they jailbreak minor updates, betas, whatever is out they are trying to jailbreak. If they get on top of these Mac tools that will further solidify their status as the champs.

    • Logan Barnett

      iOS 8.2 beta 2 jailbrwak used the same exploits as ios 8.1.x jailbreak since the first 2 betas of ios 8.2 were released before 8.1.3

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I have a good rule, if the jailbreak it is not on this page, it does not exists.

    • justme

      for me too. out there are a plenty of sites with fake tools, that just install suspicious certificates on your iOS device

    • Fanboy 

      In all honesty though, I have a working jailbreak tool for iOS 8.2, worked on my iPhone 6. Im only asking for $40 in untraceable $1 bills, sent to my PO Box, at which point i’ll call you from an unregistered pay phone giving you details on where to send in your iPhone to have it jailbroken 😉

      • Rigs101

        As long as you don’t ask for a survey

      • Victor

        You just made my day 😀

      • Jakson Dorman

        “only asking for $40 sent in untraceable $1 bills sent to my PO box…details on where to send in your iPhone”
        I wouldn’t trust a jailbreak if I had to pay for it. ESPECIALLY $40, I’m sending my iDevice somewhere other then Apple, and you do not want to be traced.

      • John Sawyer

        That’s right, Jakson, you’ve got this guy figured out

      • Thanks Jackson! I just came back from my bank with my untraceable bills (you should’ve seen the looks on their faces).

    • That’s exactly the same rule I follow! I also love when friends come to me with the “latest news” of jailbreaks that they read are out from bogus sites. Fun to prove them wrong instantly with good ol’ iDB! ha

  • pnh

    I’ll stay happily jailbroken until April 24th and hoping they have a new solution by then.

  • James G

    If iDB hasn’t reported a jailbreak, there isn’t one yet. You can take that to the Apple Bank.

  • James G

    And another thing…I’m confident a jailbreak will come eventually. In fact, I’ve been considering just updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3 because iCloud Photo Library is just more stable on that release and I have been using it regularly (it also plays nicely with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 beta whereas 8.1.2 does not). So confident, that I just might bite the bullet and upgrade anyway.

    There just aren’t a lot of tweaks I’m using anymore that justify hanging back and dealing with the bugs of 8.1.2.

  • Waleed

    waiting patiently for 8.2 Jailbreak, and i have an extreme feeling they will release it on 27 March Conference (summit) day, otherwise soon after it.
    8 Days To Go

  • Bart.

    I’m currently on 8.1.3, should I upgrade to 8.2?

    • Marcus

      You might as well. The next jailbreak that is going to be released is most likely going to be available for 8.1.3 & 8.2 on all iOS devices that can support the firmware.

  • Ralph Castro

    I almost had a heart attack when i read the first part of the title lol

  • Raj

    need a JB quick so I can use Watch with JB phone.

  • Let’s hope that some hackers decide to give it another go on the ATv jailbreak, while they are all together at the Mobile Security Summit. It still surprises me that no one has ever gotten that one figured out.
    Also, aren’t those guys possibly wasting valuable exploits on jailbreaking all these basically unimportant iOS updates? I know that iOS 8.2 will bring support for the Apple Watch if I remember correctly, so I understand the importance of that jailbreak, but did we really need one for the tiny updates like 8.1.1 and then again for 8.1.2? Seems excessive if you ask me.

  • William Melendez

    Sit back, relax, and be sure to continue to your current jailbreak

  • Ruebs

    i like how i download a chinese jailbreak from china, but in china bans all american software to download onto chinese devices

  • Be Xuan Mai

    I miss Blog Dev-Team. I don’t trust China / chinese .

  • Beta

    Thanks for the update I’ve been typing left and right on Google trying to find out if I am now able to liberate my device. I guess is waiting time. Thank you iDB

  • iLegend

    Jailbreak horoscope!

  • Newgunnerr

    Wait for ios 8.3 please. Don’t burn exploits boys

  • chris

    I read many post saying that TaiG is working for Apple????
    couls he play a double role?