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Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app with more than 700 million monthly active users, can now be used in a web browser. As first noted by Dutch website Droidapp.nl, the WhatsApp web app can be accessed at web.whatsapp.com.

At the moment, the web application works on Windows PCs and Android devices, but not in mobile or desktop Safari. However, it can be accessed on desktop Macs using Google’s Chrome browser, but not on iPhones and iPads running Chrome.

Support for more browsers is “coming soon,” says a notice on the website.

When you first access web.whatsapp.com using Google Chrome, you’re presented with a QR that you must scan inside WhatsApp for Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry to log in.

Which brings me to the biggest issue: support for QR scanning in the iPhone edition of WhatsApp will be added later so unless you have an Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone device, you won’t be able to log in to the web app.

Also, your phone needs to stay connected to the Internet for the web client to work. To stay signed in on the computer, tick the “Keep me signed in checkbox.”

WhatsApp web app screenshot 002

“Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone,” WhatsApp CEO and co-founder Jan Koum clarified in a Facebook post.

On the downside, chances of WhatsApp web app running on iOS devices anytime soon are slim, to say the least. “Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations,” cautioned the CEO.

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The ability to use WhatsApp in a browser, while working on a desktop, is a cool addition. I use Messages on my Mac with Text Message Forwarding set up on my iPhone to read and reply to both SMS and iMessages.

Viber already has a nice desktop app so the ability to use WhatsApp in a browser is a very much appreciated addition. That is, once they refresh the iOS client with QR code scanning in the first place.

Source: Droidapp.nl via @JoeyjReij

  • On the downside, chances of WhatsApp web app running on iOS devices anytime soon are slim, to say the least. “Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations,” cautioned the CEO.

    One word! Jailbreak!

    • Anmol Malhotra

      I dont think Whatsapp will ever make a Jailbreak Tweak to get Whatsapp web app running on iOS devices.

      • Whatsapp no but a third party developer that decompiles the Android apk and ports the source code to iOS? Maybe…

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Well, i think chances are very low. But lets see, Jailbreak community is full of surprises. 😀

      • Well similar limitations have been overcome before I.e Facebook Chatheads being made system wide…

        For someone who knows what they’re doing and has free time I don’t think it would be impossible…

    • BozzyB

      more easy – Android? 🙂

    • ARX8

      Platform limitations ?
      Wechat has already implemented this flawlessly. I’ve personally used it and it’s awesome
      People at Whatsapp are lazy/stupid. The app itself looks poorly designed

    • Saulo Benigno

      What “Apple platform limitations”??????????

    • Grazegeek

      Wrong, actually. The one word should rather be: Telegram

  • Anmol Malhotra

    This – “Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations,” cautioned the CEO.

    Well, i dont need it then. :p

  • RarestName

    Telegram beats this any other day tbh

    • Jeffrey


  • jack

    FAIL NO IPHONE SUPPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • To be honest I think Whatsapp just can’t be bothered. There’s no reason why a web client couldn’t be added to the iOS app the only limitation it would have is that the app would have to be open in the foreground…

      • jack

        What I meant is that I can’t use Whatsapp in my PC’s browser, which would be amazing.

  • iamzaidan

    i’ve been thinking about starting a whatsapp group for iDB readers.
    Anyone interested? Please either reply with your numbers or email them to me iamzaidan@gmail.com

  • Brandon

    Telegram is way better than Whatsapp anyways tbh (and it has a functioning web client)

  • :)

    WTF? How you support:
    – Android
    – Windows
    – Nokia
    – Blackberry (WTF BLACKBERRY?)


    • daniel awde

      You should be thankful for apple limitation. It keeping you protect from malware and spyware and even Ransomeware (google it if you don’t know it). Unlike the andriod and other OS.

      • ARX8

        How come this limitation apply only to Whatsapp?
        Wechat has a similar feature. I think it’s even better. You can send files too

      • daniel awde

        The I guess its all depend on the JS framework used by whatsapp its only supported in Google WebGl

      • ARX8

        Still doesn’t explain why data can’t be sent from their servers to my browser client.
        Also they clearly mention it’s ‘apple platform limitations’, not JS / WebUI limitations. How do you think JS would hinder them here. I don’t get the point

      • daniel awde

        apple has no background multi-task and no proper push technology i read it somewhere too tired to search for it but there ya go

  • diggitydang

    For an iPhone blog, with an overwhelming majority of iPhone users, I really think that your title should include “doesn’t work on iPhone”. It seems a little (a LOT) click-bait-y of iDB to just say “You can now use WhatsApp in Google Chrome, support for more browsers coming soon”. I’d say that “does not work on iPhone” is WAY more important a fact than “support for other browsers coming soon”, when again, your audience are iPhone users who won’t be able to use this feature!!

    I’ve been a long time reader of iDB, but lately, it’s been feeling a little shady around here…

    • sadaN

      As I already knew it is limited to non-iOS devices, that’s the first thing I thought when I read the title.

      Actually, for one second the title made me think they had changed their mind and iOS compatibility had ben added.

      Thanks for being so misleading sometimes iDB.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah… As I said, I’m a long time reader of iDB and it only seems like recently that they’ve been trying to get more click-bait-ish. I lose a little respect for iDB for that.

  • nirmitlamed

    Don’t understand the hype!
    1. You can’t bookmark the page
    2. Whatsapp Web sync with your phone which mean if your phone isn’t on or datawifi isn’t on, you can’t use Whatsapp Web
    3. Whatsapp Web has to stay open if you want to get notification.

    If you ask me, Lame move from Facebook.

    • Jeffrey

      If you forgot your phone at home and for instance you’re at work and you need to WhatsApp someone real bad, you can do it via a computer on work!

      • ARX8

        The phone wouldn’t come to your work and scan the code by itself

      • Jeffrey

        Uhh, maybe it would already be linked to your work PC? Sounds logical enough doesn’t it.

      • ARX8

        It doesn’t stay connected
        The sessions have a certain short time-out. Else it’d be a security flaw

      • Jeffrey

        Are you sure about that? Because if you are, WhatsApp on the interwebz would be absolutely motherducking useless!

      • Dhruv Verma

        SO. Its made for people who go to work and leave thier phone at home.

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah probably! At least those kinds of cases, what would you use it for then?

      • nirmitlamed

        I wish!
        Sorry Jeffery but you didn’t understand how this works. Whatsapp Web need to be sync with your phone at all time no matter what. thats mean that your phone needs to be with you, turn on, and have internet! because everything you write or sending through Whatsapp Web, is actually being sending through your phone!

      • Jeffrey

        I know and I get that, but if it would be pre-linked to your phone which is at home, turned on and with Wi-Fi, it would work right?

      • nirmitlamed

        I am guessing you are right.

      • Jeffrey

        I hope so, because if you have to have your phone with you when you want to use WhatsApp on the interwebz, it would be completely useless.

      • nirmitlamed

        It almost useless to me right now as it is. I am guessing that because whatsapp doesn’t store your messages on the cloud, the can’t do anything without syncing with whatsapp on your phone.

        Jut tried Telegram and its so much better in every way. don’t understand why people don’t want to try it.

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah I don’t know… All I know is that WhatsApp f*cked this web version up…

        I tried telegram, I think WhatsApp is way better though…

  • Miguel

    I think it is useless if it depends on the mobile device, this would be useful if it would not depend on the phone, so you can use it in any computer when you don’t have your phone for example when traveling and you don’t have Internet roaming.

  • Lhu

    how come Wechat app can be accessed on desktop in all mobile OS and all pc OS since ages, why is it so hard for them to write a desktop version of the most popular messaging app…

  • Andy

    So it works on all mobile platforms except iOS, which is one of the most used worldwide along with Android. How does that make sense? They even have Blackberry support…

  • iKhalil

    WA, what can I say? iOS gave you the life and iOS can kill you!

    • sadaN

      True that…

  • Damn

  • Unicorn Drank

    whatsapp needs 3 features that I would like, one being the web app which would help alot, then GIF support and lastly when someone mentions your name you get a notification – while on a group chat. to me this is the biggest.

  • Neo Andr

    I have a Tablet with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 & Google Chrome in it but when I try to mirror my phone with my Tablet for whatsapp and type web url, it didn’t take me to the chat page but gives me a message that chrome is not installed on your Tablet. Although I am using chrome only to type the URL. Does that mean that this web chat can only be done on laptop /PC and not on tab.
    Any answer on this will help.

  • Duane Mason

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