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Wow, what a week!

These are the words I said to myself after I finished listing all the new tweaks that were released this past week in Cydia. And there were some pretty original and useful tweaks too, but you be the judge of that.

If you haven’t had time to catch up with Cydia this week, then this list will give you a quick overview of what was released, along with a short description and the price of each tweak. My guess is, you’ll be busy testing a lot of them out this weekend.

AlternateControls: lets you add and customize on-screen navigational buttons($0.99 – review)

Area Code Display Pro: displays the city of the person calling at the bottom of the screen ($0.99)

AutoAirPlay: chooses audio AirPlay devices automatically (free)

CameraModes: customize and re-order the different camera modes in the Camera app (free)

Camrix: lets you take photos from anywhere ($1.99 – review)

Cheesecake: bring the Android L screen fade animation to iOS (free – review)

CleanLock: hide notifications on your Lock screen, and easily reveal them if needed ($0.99)

ColorFill: colors the Reachability view space based on the dominant colors of the current screen (free – review)

ColorY0urBoard8Free: customize the look of your keyboard (free)

Copic for CallBar: show your contact’s photos on CallBar ($0.99)

Circulate: offers a theme dynamic clock icon ($0.99 – review)

curtainChecker: voice-over enhancements for blind jailbreakers (free)

Discreetify: filters the content of notifications based on specified keywords (free)

Flick Scroll: a different take on scrolling through webpages and documents ($1.49 – review)

Folderix: improve your iOS devices’ folders ($0.99 – review)

IDBox: lets you quickly switch between multiple Apple IDs ($1.50)

Locus: whitelist location services on an app-by-app basis (free – review)

meme: removes the blur effect when pulling down Spotlight search (free)

MyBatteryAlerts: offers more control over battery notifications, as well as other features ($0.99)

NotiHax: disables notification banners while still allowing for the notification sound (free)

Nuntius: brings native iOS 8 quick reply to WhatsApp (free – review)

ODUploadAny: upload any file to OneDrive app ($1.49)

OnlineNotify: track your friends on WhatsApp ($1.99)

panicLock Pro: a discrete way of locking your device ($0.99)

Photego: use Touch ID to confirm the deletion of Photos ($0.99 – review)

Photo Organizer 8: adds power-user features to the stock Photos app ($2.99 – review)

QuickSiri: invoke Siri with a specific phrase (free – review)

reachabilityUnlocked: customize Reachability’s duration, animation, and more

Safari Uploader 8: upload files using Safari (free)

SAFUploadAny: upload any file via Safari (free)

SpotlightSiri: initiate Siri queries via Spotlight search (free)

SubtleLock: minimalism brought to the Lock screen ($1 – review)

TWBEnhancerLite: adds some features to Tweetbot app (free)

VPNOnly 8: blocks internet traffic if VPN connection was lost or not established ($2.99)

What’s this song, Siri?: invokes Siri’s music tag feature with an Activator gesture (free)

WhitelistSwitcher: select what apps are allowed to appear in the App Switcher ($0.99 – review)

WhiteTerminal: a Terminal emulator for iOS (Free)

This list doesn’t pretend to be a comprehensive one. I could have just missed some tweaks so feel free to share in the comments section below.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Dear Seb sir,
    ColorYourBoard8 is not free. Its $1.99 for new users and $0.99 upgrade for old users.

    • Nenad Novakovic

      I believe he meant ColorY0urBoard8Free…

    • Sorry about that. I meant ColorY0urBoard8Free, which is indeed free, as noted by Nenad here.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        There’s one more error. On clicking Nuntius review, it is taking me to QuickSiri review not Nuntius. I think you should see that. 🙂

  • Great Scott

    Copic for Callbar is not free. It’s free to install but it won’t work and will popup with alerts telling you you need to purchase it for 99 cents whenever you open Callbar.

  • Jake Dai

    IDbox is not free. You still need to buy a $1.5 license after downloading it for free.

  • btw; when will we see HomeKit; so we can finally ask Siri to turn on the lights?

    • Chris

      Probably not until after the release of  Watch.

  • Thomas Hopkins

    The cheesecake discription doesn’t include the price.

    I believe that it is free.

  • Ian

    SubtleLock is sadly enough bugged and removes the ability to unlock the SIM card, leaving the phone locked :/

    • zeekfizz

      I have zero issues with it

      • Ian

        Strange. Even wiped my phone and re-jailbroke it for that tweak alone, but it continues to act up since the latest update :/

    • Josh H

      it runs very smoothly, the only issue i have is album art isnt showing up

  • Chris Jones

    Hi people, I know this does not relate to the topic but I will appreciate some help here.
    I am using the new Reachapp tweak on my iPad Mini Retina but it does not function well at all.

    I can use the double screen if I disable appselector and auto resize from the setting but that is about that. I have no grey bar to resize both screen, I can’t scroll down to the end of any safari page if it is among the screens on display and whenever I enable “appselector”, I can see the apps to choose from but if I tap the apps, nothing happens. It’s like the apps are frozen up there.

    I understand it is still in beta but I have read from people who say it works perfectly on their iPad mini retina and Air.

    I have disabled all tweaks and removed all reachability tweaks but the problem persists, even with the latest update from yesterday.

    Any help guys? thanks.

  • Holden

    Hey Séb, Charlie Hebdo is a big hoax, your country pulled it off, freedom of speech, don’t delete this comment. Nice tweaks btw.

    • Vincivin

      What the hell man? Never heard about being respectful?

      • Guest

        BiteSMS is gone, and so its the dev. Good luck.

      • Just ignore it. They’re obviously delusional. They have every right to say what they’re saying but it doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Just flag it or ignore it…

      • Holden

        I should be respectuf to 12 people who weren’t respectful to billions of people ? Ok.

    • Vince Reedy

      Got any proof?

      • Holden

        If you have a brain, and eyes (optional), just watch the french news again. Or answer this question, what kind of an idiot terrorist goes to kill someone and takes his ID card with him, and not only that, he loses it, in a stolen car! Man..idiots..idiots everywhere.

  • Unicorn Drank

    Still waiting for BiteSMS

    • NP92

      Its gone and so its the Devs. Good luck.

    • Mike Chu

      I just saw a dev announced a replacement.

    • temioslo

      MessageHead is for bitesms:)

      • Carlos Medina

        I seem to have to many problems with messagehead so for now i have it turned off and just have NoTouchCancelReply while using the stock quick reply. now the only problem with that is the lack of ability to Quick Compose messages. Thats where IMN comes in but its a bit buggy with the QC. To many problems for me lol.

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    Still looking for a decent ad/commercial blocker. To block all those stupid 30 sec ads before I watch a video on YouTube or FB iOS 8 ?

    • BoardDWorld

      that came just the other day, it’s called StreamPlay & it’s free. Configure it in settings.

      • Carlos Medina

        For some weird reason it caused my YouTube to act up and i also believe you have to purchase a license to get it to work. Im not sure if it didn’t block YouTube Ads due to a conflict between Adblocker and StreamPlay but it wasn’t working for me.

  • Christoph Schulz

    Is it really worth jailbreaking the iPhone?

    • Elias Chao

      I would say definitely, but it really depends on you. I love every tweak I’ve installed on my iPhone, but *maybe* you wouldn’t find anything useful for you.

      My advice is: jailbreak your iPhone, try some tweaks, then try more tweaks ;P, after that, you would know if it worth it 🙂

  • Elias Chao

    Off topic:

    Do you know if there’s something PushTone-like compatible with iOS 8?

  • sunfire7

    Nuntius review link is wrong

  • Do you suppose Jony Ive is perusing these forums; collecting future ideas?…..

    • Carlos Medina

      “And for the “first time” today we bring you MultiTasking on the iphone, complete customization, and most importantly allowing 3rd party developer to create customized functionality for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+. All of this wont happen till a year from now in which we will open up IOS to the world.”


  • meme <3

  • scott

    Any replacements or news on Infiniboard?

  • Steven Nowotny

    If only Autoresponder for automatically responding to texts would be updated….

  • iamlynda

    did I read that right, Bite SMS is gone? That was the main reason for me to jb. 🙁

  • Ethan Humphrey

    The nuntius links to quicksiri and reachabilityunlocked doesn’t have a price tag. I
    Just trying to help.