Healthbook (Main screen 001)

Back in January, the usually reliable blogger Mark Gurman first shared details of a new Healthbook application said to debut in iOS 8 later this year.

Since then, we’ve seen a cool Healthbook app icon mockup and now Gurman has shared a plethora of details about the software.

As it turns out, Healthbook will be Apple’s foray into health and fitness tracking as the app is said to source activity data from a variety of sources.

Think the M7 motion coprocessor, Apple’s rumored wearable device as well as third-party applications and accessories. Reminiscent of the iOS Passbook app, Healthbook should be a singular place for all the accompanying health and fitness related data to be stored and viewed.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal and a bunch of screenshot mockups…

Gurman claims to have been shown a series of Healthbook images by “multiple sources working directly on the initiative’s development”. The images seen throughout this article are “complete recreations” of the original screenshots.

Healthbook is said to be capable of tracking several different health and fitness data points, including fitness related data such as Activity, Weight and Nutrition, heart rates and blood pressure, bloodwork, oxygen saturation and blood sugar levels, sleep patterns, hydration and respiratory rates and more.

Healthbook (Fitness)

Here are the details:

Heart rate and blood pressure – As depicted on the above screenshot mockup, heart rate tracking will record your beats per minute (BPM) while blood pressure monitoring will of course record both diastolic (minimum) and systolic (peak) forms.

Hydration and respiratory rate measuring – If you work out a lot and are concerned about hydrating, hydration tracking will let you know how much water is in your body. Respiratory rates, as measured by breaths per minute, are equally important for the active types and Gurman observes that there are “not many known wearable devices that specialize in tracking respiratory rates currently”.

Sleep tracking – My sleeping habits are terrible so I’m going to be using this feature a lot. Apparently, Healthbook will have the ability to track sleep cycles akin to specialized accessories like the FitBit and Jawbone trackers , though the report stops short of giving us the specifics.

Bloodwork, oxygen saturation and blood sugar – Blood tracking functionality is apparently found in sections aptly named Bloodwork, Oxygen Saturation and Blood Sugar. The Bloodwork section should contain “several different blood-related data points normally provided by healthcare professionals,” though details are vague at this stage.

Same goes for tracking your oxygen saturation – that is, the percentage of oxygen that’s in your blood, an important metric for measuring respiratory rates. Surprisingly, though, Healthbook is said to store blood sugar (glucose) levels, which contradicts a report by MobiHealthNews claiming that the iWatch won’t have advanced health sensors for glucose sensing and hydration tracking as initially thought.

Another supposed feature of Healthbook: Emergency Card, seen below.

Healthbook (Emergency Card 001)

It’s basically a centralized repository for your critical data like name, birthdate, medication information, weight, eye color, blood type, organ donor status and location. This could be used by healthcare specialists to quickly assess your key health related stats should you get injured and become unable to speak.

The Emergency Card feature will also allow users to add emergency contact information. With that feature, someone would be able to instantly called a pre-programmed phone number to a user’s family member, for example, to notify them of an emergency.

In order to be truly useful, it seems plausible that this emergency information would be accessible from the iPhone’s Lock screen much like Passbook passes could appear on the Lock screen.

Gurman acknowledges that he has no idea where Healthbook will source the various types of health and fitness data from. He goes on to postulate that the data could be provided by the iPhone itself (with a little help from its M7 motion tracking chip: steps taken, miles walked, calories burned, etc.), third-party App Store apps, specialized third-party devices (blood, hydration and respiratory rates) or a rumored iWatch device.

Healthbook (Sleep Tracking 001)
Mockup of sleep tracking in iOS 8’s Healthbook.

“Just like the similarly named Passbook is a central place for iPhone users to access movie tickets, coupons, and boarding passes from other apps, Healthbook could be a single place where iPhone users can collect data from their various health apps,” speculates the author.

It is important to remember that all of the aforementioned capabilities could stem from Apple’s recent hires. For example, the iPhone maker hired Dr. Michael O’Reilly last year, who specializes in technologies that measure oxygen saturation.

Apple also hired former Philips engineer Roy Raymann, one of the top experts in sleep tracking who specializes in sleep patterns, sleep quality and alertness.

As for iOS 8 itself, don’t expect a lot of changes in the visual department as the software is said to refine iOS 7’s flat appearance. Previous rumors pointed to an improved Apple Maps service with built-in public transit directions, a possible standalone iTunes Radio app, all-new TextEdit and Preview native apps with tight iCloud integration, much better inter-app sharing with improvements to Messages, Notification Center, CarPlay and more.

Does any of this make any sense to you?

And are you looking forward to Healthbook in iOS 8?

  • Leonard Wong

    Certainly looking forward to Healthbook but certainly not wanting to spend hundreds to be able to track everything.
    The amount of stuff Healthbook could track just blew my mind!!

    • J. Rockwell

      I think they will keep the price point to about what the fitbit, Nike Fuelband SE, UP24 which are all in the 100 to 150.00 range. And don’t forget about the added “Apple Tax”. So it is not going to be cheap by any means.

  • omrishtam


  • Mescudi

    With of all those capabilities, I wonder how will it affect my phone’s battery. For example, sleep tracking I can leave it on charge, but what about the other ones like motion activities? (running, walking, blood pressure, and heart rate)

    • Leonard Wong

      Running and walking can track by M7 motion co-processor which don’t use up much battery

    • Joseph A. Ahmad

      I believe a lot of this data could be tracked by Apple’s “fitness band”, so it may just sync the data to Healthbook as the Fitbit Force syncs with the Fitbit app and the Jawbone Up syncs with the Jawbone app.

  • ProfessorX1®

    if iOS 8 is all going to be about health and fitness then screw it. I don’t give a horse’s a** about any of these features. I need a new messaging system, better notification center, customizable control center, and much much refinements to iOS.

    • Maxim∑

      you should use some logic, obviously a whole entire OS update is not just going to be surrounding health.

      And you should read the article, the employee at 9to5mac photoshopped this, its not an actual screenshot of iOS 8 which by the way still is in pre-alpha probably with 3 months of development remaining, and 6 months until public release so calm your horse

      • ali_plus

        If it is going to be about health than I would love to buy this for my mother. She is a diabetic and have blood pressure issues. Surely this device will help her maintain her health better. Plus it would be easier to carry one device and a watch/band instead of 3-4 seperate devices

    • J. Rockwell

      I actually think you are in the minority. Wearable health devices are HUGE right now. I think Healthbook will be a big selling point. Now will it be executed correctly is another topic.

    • Noel Walling

      Fortunately for you, they added a lot to the messaging system (voice, video, picture message support, cross-device text sharing, etc), the notifications are better (now allowing you to pull down on a notification to take action without leaving an app), and quite a lot more. So, you know, it’s not all about HealthBook.

  • Batman

    It’s actually Colorbook

    • Maxim∑

      he couldn’t take a screenshot, Appl disables that function on testing devices so he had to remake this in photoshop

  • hkgsulphate


  • David Gitman

    How will it track my blood? with my fingerprint :O
    can I do it just with my 5S? without buying iWatch? (in the future)

    • Maxim∑

      That is only for heart rate, you cannot track all the other bloodwork features by putting your finger on a lense

  • Ciaran O’Brien

    Samsung to release new phone with half-baked health tracking in 3… 2… 1…

    • Mohammed Sahib

      S-Health is launched with GS4 IIRC.

      • Lance Baker

        And it appears to be half-baked.

      • Raashid

        Yeah, ’cause you’ve never used it, iDiot.

      • Ciaran O’Brien

        Apple isn’t always amazing. Just look at the launch of Apple Maps.

        The difference is, Samsung is never amazing.

    • J. Rockwell

      So true!

    • Raashid

      iDiot. Turning a blind eye to years old Samsung tech ain’t gonna make it vanish..

      • Ciaran O’Brien

        Amazing. I read through your last 50 comments and pretty much all of them are about how Samsung is superior to Apple. Trolling much?

        Oh, and it really isn’t Samsung tech. They just shoved it in to their phones to give them another gimmicky selling point. Now granted, Apple have yet to announce their next phone, but I can assure you they will implement it in such a way that it’s actually useful to the consumer.

  • MrJohnBlaze

    if they do this i can get rid of 5 apps

  • Marcus

    The only thing I want to see is more exploits for a possibility of a jailbreak on every 8.x firmware!

  • Clement Yeo

    Healthbook + wearable… make sense?

  • Keabsy

    Screenshots? I’m missing Apple’s secrecy more and more.

    • Omar Sharif

      He clearly stated that these are just mockups based on the real thing Gurman saw on an iOS 8 prototype device

      • Keabsy

        Still.. They are “complete recreations”, so it’s almost the same thing.

  • Apple wants to know more and more about us…

    • J. Rockwell

      I think people want to know more about themselves, their lifestyle choices, and how they can improve their lives by making different choices. Tracking your Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep is a great way do that.

  • felixtaf

    Thank God… No one posted about NSA yet!!! lol

  • jocastro

    garbage and probably fake, because that’s not really a secret if you have screenshots

  • aphunex

    Maybe this is going to be for the next iphone only with it’s new rumored sensors.
    And also with the iWatch..

  • pegger1

    There already exists some cool sleep tracking apps. As well as heart rate ones. So I’m thinking it wouldn’t take much to add those.

    • Jason Baroni

      Problem is that once there is a rumor on any company work on it (not talking about Apple only), many others rush to launch theirs first. The result is a market full of the same kind of apps. Everyone is streaming music now.

      • pegger1

        I completely agree.
        Heart rate measuring apps have been available for years, using the camera lens with flash. Now Samsung will include it as a built in app with their new health focus and make it sound like it’s new functionality in the phone. When in actuality the phone was already capable of it.

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, it’s funny. Once a company puts something new into the market others feel more secure to do the same just with a different design and not ever so decent. What attracts consumers is what features do they have not how well it works.
        Take it a few years ago: the coolest thing was having a colorful display or the snake game on a cellphone hahaha

  • romeodesigns

    I’m pumped if this is real and all of these features will be built into ios8. I’m a huge enthusiast in healthy living; running, weight training, yoga, sleep monitoring, as well as caloric intake, so to have all of these combined into a stock app by apple!
    No words to express, except I hope there’s a watch to go with it, so the phone can be left at home during activity.

  • iBanks

    The sleep tracking is clearly an screenshot of Jawbone’s UP App and not an “Mockup of sleep tracking in iOS 8′s Healthbook.”

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    There’s no way this is only gonna be in ios 8. You’re gonna have to have a wearable for this.

  • Martin

    Looking forward to this

  • Sohail Wahab

    That’s what makes Apple a great company, because it’s thinking to improve human life. Unlike other componies like Samsung for putting a bunch of sensors just for entertainment.

    Love what you do Apple

  • Raashid

    Look at all the pathetic numbskull comments, all of them sounding like this is new in the mobile industry when it’s been there and function well since the Galaxy S4. Hypocrisy at its finest…

  • NSApple

    Cute Apple, always late to the game, yet being credited with innovation, just like the Beatles. Also no way in hell should anyone entrust them with that much personal data.

  • Your Mother

    copying Samung. lol.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    I’m willing to pay to $399 after that I cannot afford for a watch I know it is a high class watch tech but I wont pay that much.