Apple unveils new ‘Health’ app for iOS 8

As several reports predicted, Apple is getting into the Healthcare industry with iOS 8 by introducing a new app called 'Health.' Health provides an easy-to-access hub where iPhone owners can store and monitor important fitness and health-related metrics.

As explained by Craig Federighi, this is a huge improvement over the current situation, where this kind of information is spread across multiple apps and services. And of course, Apple also introduced HealthKit for developers, which means 3rd-party integration...

Last minute WWDC rumors: new iBeacon tech, smart home toolkit and more

We've already given you a rundown of what to expect to see at Apple's WWDC keynote. The event, which is in less than 12 hours now, is expected to bring about a redesigned OS X, and a familiar-looking iOS 8 with new apps and features.

But as usual, there are some last minute reports making the rounds regarding today's big announcements. In addition to the above items, it's now believed Apple could introduce new iBeacon features and a 'smart home' toolkit for developers...

Trademark filings discovered for Healthbook, HealthKit and iResearch

With Apple's WWDC keynote now just a few days away, speculation regarding what the company will announce on Monday is heating up. We saw the iOS 8 and OS X banners earlier today, and now we have some mysterious trademark filings.

The folks over at MacRumors have discovered several trademark applications related to the term 'Healthbook,' which is a new app rumored for iOS 8. The documents don't say they were filed by Apple, but looking at the clues, it's fairly obvious...

Take Healthbook for a virtual test drive on your iPhone

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 at its upcoming WWDC keynote in just one week. A number of new features and apps are expected to be announced, one of them being Healthbook. The health-focused app is said to provide users with vital information, such as heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood sugar, weight and more.

An increasing amount of speculation about Healthbook has inspired visual designer Jayaprasad Mohanan to create a live demo of the app that you can try right on your iPhone. The concept is entirely based on what we've heard from bloggers over the past four months, including leaked Healthbook screenshots posted by the well-connected Mark Gurman back in March. Check it out… 

Reuters: Apple creating full-blown health and fitness services platform akin to App Store

We "know" from rumors that Apple with iOS 8 is planning to introduce a new application called Healthbook said to aggregate health and fitness data pulled from a variety of sources, be it third-party fitness/health apps found in the App Store, dedicated tracking accessories or more.

But that could be just the tip of the iceberg.

According to a mobile health executive who spoke to Reuters, the iPhone maker is looking to create a full-blown health and fitness ecosystem inspired by the App Store...

Samsung planning health-related announcement days before Apple’s WWDC

Samsung has announced a media event "around health" set to take place on May 28 in San Francisco. The invitation came from the company's sensors and components unit, rather than its devices unit, so the announcement could be centered around next-generation tech for Android and Tizen-based devices, rather than a new Gear Fit 2.

The event is notable given Apple is holding its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2, also in San Francisco. Apple is rumored to have some big health-centered announcements at its Conference keynote, and it looks like Samsung is trying to get a leg up.

New iOS 8 concept shows what Healthbook and other rumored features may look like

Tech site Tech Radar is out with a new iOS 8 concept video this afternoon, depicting what it thinks the new firmware could look like. We actually know, or think we know, quite a bit about Apple's next mobile OS thanks to a number of reports, and this clip helps visualize all of that information.

The video covers most of everything we've heard thus far. It shows a revamped Notification Center, with a new easy-to-read layout, and the oft-rumored Healthbook app connecting to an iWatch. It also suggests how Siri could use Shazam's tech, and how CarPlay could help keep drivers safe...

More iOS 8 Healthbook details emerge

Back in January, the usually reliable blogger Mark Gurman first shared details of a new Healthbook application said to debut in iOS 8 later this year.

Since then, we've seen a cool Healthbook app icon mockup and now Gurman has shared a plethora of details about the software.

As it turns out, Healthbook will be Apple's foray into health and fitness tracking as the app is said to source activity data from a variety of sources.

Think the M7 motion coprocessor, Apple's rumored wearable device as well as third-party applications and accessories. Reminiscent of the iOS Passbook app, Healthbook should be a singular place for all the accompanying health and fitness related data to be stored and viewed.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal and a bunch of screenshot mockups...

Suspected iOS 8 screenies show Preview, TextEdit and Healthbook app icons

Following a credible report earlier this morning claiming that the Mac's Preview and TextEdit applications will make their way into iOS 8 with full iCloud support minus editing functionality, a pair of supposed screenshots allegedly depicting the iOS 8 Home screen has popped up on a Weibo account.

The images, included below the fold, are believed to depict purported prototype iOS 8 Home screen icons for the previously rumored Healthbook app, as well as the suspected Preview and TextEdit applications. By the way, iOS 8 is thought to be codenamed 'Okemo' after a ski resort in Vermont.

On the surface, the screenies look genuine. However, as we can't vouch for their authenticity, you're definitely advised to take them with a grain of salt, even though multiple reliable sources have allegedly confirmed their legitimacy.

We're only reposting them here for entertainment purposes so join us in comments...