Suspected iOS 8 screenies show Preview, TextEdit and Healthbook app icons

iOS 8 screenshot (Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit icons)

Following a credible report earlier this morning claiming that the Mac’s Preview and TextEdit applications will make their way into iOS 8 with full iCloud support minus editing functionality, a pair of supposed screenshots allegedly depicting the iOS 8 Home screen has popped up on a Weibo account.

The images, included below the fold, are believed to depict purported prototype iOS 8 Home screen icons for the previously rumored Healthbook app, as well as the suspected Preview and TextEdit applications. By the way, iOS 8 is thought to be codenamed ‘Okemo’ after a ski resort in Vermont.

On the surface, the screenies look genuine. However, as we can’t vouch for their authenticity, you’re definitely advised to take them with a grain of salt, even though multiple reliable sources have allegedly confirmed their legitimacy.

We’re only reposting them here for entertainment purposes so join us in comments…

The images were first posted on this Weibo account.

The reliable blogger Mark Gurman says he’s been able to confirm “with several sources” that these screenshots are indeed legit.

The Preview icon looks a bit off to me.

Before you guys jump straight to the comments – I know these could literally be Mac app icons thrown onto solid white and black backgrounds – it’s worth pointing out they’re likely work in progress (or just placeholders) and as such are definitely going to be redesigned in the coming months.

And this is a Settings screen.

iOS 8 screenshot (Settings screenshot)

So, what do you guys think?

What’s that Tips icon, though?

Is that an existing third-party item or yet another Apple app?

If you can solve the mystery, do share your findings down in the comments.